Women are to be pitied, can’t think straight, have nothing to offer…+Hitler

Imagine a man saying that he disagrees with a woman’s viewpoint.

Fine. Nearly every woman would be fine with that.

Instead, imagine that man is a Legislator, serving a community that includes 50% women. Now imagine that he instead says that the women with a different viewpoint are to be pitied, that they can’t think straight, they have nothing to offer, and you can’t take them seriously.  Then imagine that instead of saying it, he puts it in writing on his public page as an elected official and adds a comparison to Hitler.

It really happened.

You might have been occupied with watching National events over the past week but it made several news stories.

What interesting representation the people of HD25 have.

The same Tim Leonard to be the “first sitting Colorado lawmaker in at least four decades to be sent to jail, Hullinghorst said.”


And while he looks down his nose and disparages women he disagrees with (but can’t seem to engage correctly or attempt to understand another point of view), there’s even more – he apparently isn’t doing enough work and doesn’t want to pay so much child support.

Really, this is not a joke.

Take the time to read this – https://www.coloradopols.com/diary/110569/rep-tim-leonards-shocking-deadbeat-dad-request-denied

According to his website, other than working in real estate, he owns a coffee shop, volunteers for several religious groups, and is involved with one of the most questioned charter schools in Colorado.

The articles just go on and on and yet he writes that women he doesn’t agree with are “to be pitied” and “can’t take them seriously”, etc…

Mr. Leonard should pick up a mirror and the people of HD25 might want to think about freeing up his time, because this is embarrassing for all of Jeffco and Colorado.


You know what’s serious? Voting!


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