Winners and Losers, Building Inequity

In the 2018 election, there were winning education funding campaigns. That’s good, except that there weren’t wins for all students.

We can be happy that Jeffco seems to be a yes for both 5A and 5B now but there were other campaigns across the state. Beyond Amendment 73, all 900,000 children, and the rural districts that don’t have the tax base to fund local mill levies and bonds, our inequities increased across the state when these campaigns weren’t approved by voters:

Garfield RE-2 Bond, Lewis-Palmer 38 Bond, Ellicott SD 22 Bond, Manzanola Bond, Trinidad Bond, Weld County (Eaton) RE2 Bond, Bennett 29J MLO, Bethune MLO, Lewis-Palmer 38, MLO, Pueblo City 60 MLO, Trinidad MLO (currently a loss by 11 votes), Weld RE-10J Briggsdale MLO

Congratulations to these winning campaigns for receiving funding for your students and schools:

Clear Creek Bond, Douglas County Bond, Harrison School District 2 Bond, Littleton Bond, Thompson Valley Bond, Hinsdale 1 Bond, Kit Carson Bond, Le Veta Bond, Lamar Bond, Meeker Bond, Sierra Grande Bond, Wray RD-2 Bond, Adams 12 Five Star MLO, Archuleta 50 MLO, Aurora MLO, Clear Creek MLO, District 49 MLO, Douglas County MLO, Elizabeth MLO, Garfield RE-2 MLO, Heyden MLO, Sheridan MLO, South Routt MLO, Telluride MLO, Thompson Valley MLO, Westminster Public Schools MLO

We have a long way to go in Colorado to take care of the needs of our children and in paying our staff a livable wage as well as attempting to retain those staff members. That will be hard to do with no new funding.

Here’s our current spending as a state:
Education: $6.0b
Transportation: $1.8b
Health and Human Services: $12.4b
Higher Education: $4.6b
Corrections and Judicial: $1.7b
General Government: $1.8b
Other Departments: $1.7b
Treasury: $814.6m

Where The Money Comes From…
Income Tax: $8.8b
Sales and Use Taxes: $3.7b
Other Taxes: $381.0m
Transportation: $1.3b
Cash Funds/Fees: $6.1b
Diversion to State Educ Fund: $660.0m
Federal Funds: $8.6b

We encourage you to try to balance the state budget on your own. Go to the link below and try it!

Is it really in the best interest of Colorado students, schools, and educators to have a funding structure dependent upon all voters understanding education policy and our complex funding structure?

Is it really in the best interest of Colorado students, schools, and educators to be dependent upon community volunteers to run the campaigns for school funding while staff and districts are prohibited from advocating and threatened by people for doing the most basic things on their own time?

Celebrate for now, but keep this in mind because the ratcheting down of funding due to our complex structure will continue and you, as a volunteer, will need to explain this to others in just a couple years. Again.