What Prop CC Does and Doesn’t Do

Prop CC

At a time when our education funding rates are lower than Mississippi and Alabama, passing Prop CC on Nov. 5 will give Colorado schools some much-needed resources. Out-of-state billionaires have already funded our opposition. They want to take money away from our kids’ education—but we won’t let that happen.

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Here’s how it works: 

Prop CC will allow Colorado to keep all funds already collected under the current tax rates. Anything that is above the current revenue cap will be distributed straight into K-12 education (as well as higher ed and transportation). It won’t eliminate Colorado’s budget woes, but it’s a great step forward—and a step that we’d be taking without raising taxes.

Good schools. Good roads. Great state. Prop CC is protecting the Colorado way of life.

  • Colorado isn’t a poor state. Wouldn’t it be great if we stopped acting like one?
    • Nearly 60% of school districts across the state have four-day school weeks
    • Despite our booming economy, Colorado is the WORST in the U.S. in wage competitiveness for teachers
    • Colorado needs to spend $2,700 MORE per pupil just to meet the national average, but we just don’t have the funding
    • We owe our schools more than $8 BILLION of money that was taken and never replaced since the Great Recession

Here’s what it does (and doesn’t do):


Raise Taxes? No
Amend the Constitution? No
Change any existing formulas? No
Follow TABOR? Yes
Define how dollars will be spent? Yes
Help students, teachers, schools, and communities YES


Our kids’ future is counting on our ability to get the word out—and get the vote out. Want  more details? Here’s a link to our FAQ: https://www.publiceducationvoter.org/faq