Waiting for SB191 To Be Addressed

We have testified numerous times over the years regarding the negative impacts of SB191, teacher accountability statute.

SB191 requires that 50% of a teacher evaluation be determined based on the test scores of children. Even testing companies have decried this practice. Ultimately, it incentivizes teaching to the test and leads educators to not want to teach in schools with lower test scores. Those test scores correlate to communities with high percentages of children on the free and reduced lunch program and severe poverty.

We are anxiously awaiting a bill that is coming forward this year to address this issue in Colorado. In the meantime, neighboring Wyoming took care of business.


Wyoming’s HB 0022 was signed by their Governor. No longer will testing data be used on teacher evaluations. Accountability still exists and local school districts will be able to use their evaluation system that meet the unique, local needs of their district.

The purpose of employee evaluations should be to improve the skills of the employee as well as to support their learning and growth. Using test scores of others just will never be a good measure of anyone’s job performance except that of the test taker.

Congratulations, Wyoming! Let’s fix this, Colorado!