The Magic of Jeffco Connections

It’s time for that water main story I promised you in our welcome back post! In 2012, Jonna was working hard as the co-chair of the mill and bond campaign and I was working hard as the third wheel doing social media, communications, and chairing the north part of Jeffco. During all that volunteering, we met a lot of wonderful Jeffco friends!

One person in particular was a Jeffco mom who I met online. She has two wonderful kids and was a Jeffco teacher for a time as well. She supported the mill and bond and agreed immediately when I asked her to volunteer. Over the years, we’ve met up for postcards, yard signs, t-shirts, etc. She’s a wonderful person and I’ve enjoyed watching her children grow up, even though it’s mainly online.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when a water main broke at my house, flooding the basement. What a mess! Thanks to wonderful Jeffco friends, some of them realtors, I had referrals to companies who could help fix the mess.

Lewis Water & Sewer from Golden came out to save the day. Something like this is never a fun thing to deal with but Terry Lewis, the owner, was so very kind and thorough. We were in the process of chatting about our kids and school when his stories about his son, daughter, and wife made me realize that his wife was my friend! The wonderful Shannon I had met online in 2012 as we supported the mill and bond.

It’s not often that such a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day can turn into a delightful and even educational experience! That is the magic of Jeffco!

SJK Jr. had a chance to operate a mini-excavator after school (her mom is completely jealous) and, to be honest, it turned into a really wonderful day.

These connections are the magic of Jeffco! We have this amazing community and sometimes take these connections for granted. There are so many wonderful people who support our schools and we’re all connected because of our passion for serving our children.


We live in one of the most beautiful places in Colorado, and perhaps even in the nation! Jeffco is a very desirable place to live and our kids deserve the schools to match this beautiful and diverse county!

We have lots of opportunities to make sure every connection we have in our community comes together to support education ballot initiatives. Talk to your friends and neighbors and don’t be afraid to have conversations online or anywhere else. My friendship and connection with Shannon developed because of a mutual desire to Support Jeffco Kids, including our own. When parents join together, we can accomplish incredible things and the community benefits!

Our small businesses are important to the local economy and so many of them support our schools. They want qualified staff for their businesses and depend on the community to deliver that through public education. Small businesses also benefit from Amendment 73.

Support local businesses whenever you have the opportunity! They represent local families who contribute to our economy!

Now, go make some connections and talk to them about our wonderful public schools in Jeffco!

PS – huge thanks to Terry Lewis and Lewis Water & Sewer for saving the day and turning a bad experience into a good one! If you need him, 303-279-4640.