Thank you to the “Traveling Schuh” & Welcome to our new Jeffco Superintendent, Tracy Dorland

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to former Interim Superintendent Kristopher Schuh (aka The Travelling Schuh) for stepping up and into the “shoes” of our district leader as Interim Jeffco Superintendent at one of the very worst times possible.  It would have been a great time to flee, but instead our friend Kristopher didn’t just take on the challenge, he embraced it.

Appointed in August of 2020, Kristopher was charged with running the states’ second largest school district during a Pandemic; steering 156 schools, nearly 85,000 students, and 14,000 staff members through the Restart Plan (along with navigating budget restraints and the usual district issues) all while trying to find some sense of normalcy amid a real health crisis that has now affected the entire Jeffco community (and the world) for over a year.

Interim Supt. Schuh soon became known for his videos as he travelled across the district visiting and highlighting Jeffco schools, students and staff.

The Traveling Schuh:

In closing, we want to extend a personal Thank You to Kristopher.

Well done!  

Your friends,
Shawna Fritzler & Jonna Levine
Support Jeffco Kids

Welcome to our new Jeffco Superintendent, Tracy Dorland

Dear Superintendent Dorland,

Congratulations on your appointment to Superintendent for one of the finest school districts in the nation!  As Colorado’s second largest school district, Jeffco residents are tremendously proud of the great work our schools do.

Hearing you refer to Jeffco as your “home district”  in the April 14th board meeting carried considerable significance for many in the Jeffco community, as you pointed out that you grew up in Jeffco, your family resides in Jeffco, and your children attend Jeffco schools. It means you understand the Jeffco community and our diversity.  And it means you can appreciate our strengths, as well as our many challenges.

Support Jeffco Kids is in its 7th year.  We love our schools and community.  We look forward to working with you and supporting you in any way we can to make Jeffco Schools all we know it can be.

Welcome Superintendent Dorland!

Shawna Fritzler & Jonna Levine
Support Jeffco Kids