Thank you, Ron Mitchell

The November 5th Jeffco School Board meeting took an emotional turn early in the evening when Jeffco School Board member Ron Mitchell announced his resignation from the board, effective November 12th, 2020.   His announcement was a tearful one; certainly a thoughtful yet difficult decision.

As co-founders and co-chairs of Support Jeffco Kids,  we (Shawna and Jonna) would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Mitchell, for his passionate advocacy for our Jeffco students, schools, and community.

Those of us who were around in 2015 know Mr. Mitchell was a key member in the November 2015 school board election. After enduring a stressful and divisive two years, our district (and community) needed school board members who were not only willing to step up to lead, but who understood the long road to repair ahead of them. Mr. Mitchell’s long time Jeffco history allowed him to play a key role in that effort.

A Jeffco graduate himself, Mr. Mitchell spent most of his professional years in Jeffco as a teacher and principal. Beginning his teaching career in 1970 at Arvada West H.S.  His time as a Jeffco employee at Arvada West, Alameda, and Columbine High Schools gave him an added advantage of understanding how different and individual our school communities are.   In his September 2015 interview with the Canyon Courier, Mr. Mitchell put it well, “I have worked from the north end to the south end.  I understand Jefferson County and the various communities that exist within it and the issues that we have in our public schools.”

In announcing his resignation, Mr. Mitchell spoke to the quality people he has worked with and expressed his special thanks to members of the district cabinet, teachers, and classified employees he has worked with and come to know, over the years, with a special note of thanks to Helen Neal, Chief of Staff.

Mr. Mitchell wrapped up his comments saying he felt he was “leaving the organization in a better place than he had found it,” and we wholeheartedly agree.  Jeffco has been fortunate over the years to have had some very dedicated district leaders who have Jeffco running through their veins.  Mr. Mitchell is one of those.

Thank you, Ron, for your service, your dedication, and your passionate advocacy.

Jonna & Shawna
Support Jeffco Kids

“They say, if you want to know what a community values, look at how its children are treated.  If you want a sense of what a community hopes for the future, look at how it values its schools.”