Jeffco Property Tax Refund

Jeffco Property Tax Refund –

Jeffco property taxpayers are learning they’re going to receive a TABOR refund on their property taxes. (Yay!)

But don’t crack open that bottle of bubbly just yet.  

According to the Jefferson County Civic Alerts newsletter, 87% of JeffCo taxpayers will receive  $7 or less.  


There’s more to the story and why we (Jeffco taxpayers) might be much better off if the county kept that small check they are sending us.

The county sent out a Jefferson County Civic Alerts with the information ( that’s what a lot of folks have seen on social media recently, announcing the refund).

The county is hoping its taxpayers will take the time to read through the bulleted items, in which they strive to explain that while you may be receiving this small check, sadly it’s no implication that Jefferson County won’t have to make cuts to a variety of services.  

All too often, these TABOR refunds send the wrong message to taxpayers. Passed by voters back in 1992, TABOR mandates that  local and state governments are not allowed to keep all of the tax revenue they collect.  It’s complicated – you can learn more about TABOR here:

What’s important to understand is taxpayers get $’s back even though the county needs it for services.  

The last bullet in the Jefferson County Civic Alert points out that in 2020, the county was forced to make budget cuts of $16 million and an additional $8.7 million for 2021. The county is planning for more budget cuts in 2023.

That takes us to our next point:  why the County will take another hit in 2023.  This last legislative session, the Colorado general assembly took the pro-active step of passing SB21-193 in an attempt to minimize the impact of Proposition 120 (aka Initiative 27) were it to pass by voters this past November  “…by changing which kinds of property its rate reductions would apply and amending Colorado’s tax code” so permanent cuts made by Prop 120 apply only to multifamily residential housing and commercial lodging properties, while temporarily lowering rates for other property classes.

Thankfully, Prop 120 did not pass, but the temporary cut in rates by 193 still applies. SB21-193 is applicable for tax years 2022 and 2023.

 By the way, if you are wondering why most taxpayers won’t receive more than  $7  (according to the “News Flash” from Jefferson County, some checks will be even less than $1); it’s because “the top five property taxpayers – all large commercial properties – drive up the average”.

Finally, if you are confused as to why we are talking about this refund and the fact that the county will still be forced to cut services, we want to remind everyone of the overlap of services and partnership between the county and Jeffco Public Schools.  Especially the security coverage provided by the Jeffco Sheriff’s office, to many of our schools at no cost to the district.