Support Jeffco Kids Endorsement List 2021

Odd year elections impact our every day lives. Support Jeffco Kids encourages you to make sure your voter registration is updated and make your voice heard.

The Jeffco Elections website can be found here –


Following are our candidate endorsements for the 2021 ballot! Thanks to all of the candidates who have demonstrated that they Support Jeffco Kids!

Jefferson County School Board:

Danielle Varda, Jefferson County School Board District 1

SJK Endorses Danielle Varda, Jeffco School Board District 1

Paula Reed, Jefferson County School Board District 2

SJK Endorses Paula Reed, Jeffco School Board District 2

Mary Parker, Jefferson County School Board District 5

SJK Endorses Mary Parker, Jeffco School Board District 5


Arvada City Council

SJK Endorses Lisa Smith, Arvada City Council At-Large

SJK Endorses Suzie Schuckman for Arvada City Council District 3


Edgewater City Council

SJK Endorses Hannah Gay Keao for Edgewater City Council


Lakewood City Council

SJK Endorses Jeslin Shahrezaei, Lakewood City Council, Ward 1

SJK Endorses Charles Davis, Lakewood City Council Ward 2

SJK Endorses Rebekah Stewart, Lakewood City Council Ward 3

SJK Endorses Tom Keefe, Lakewood City Council Ward 5

SJK Endorses Wendi Strom, Lakewood City Council, Ward 5


Westminster City Council

SJK Endorses Kathryn Skulley for Westminster City Council, At Large

SJK Endorses Obi Ezeadi, Westminster City Council