Student Vote 2019 #NoExcuses #Vote

We’ve noticed that several thousands of you have been on our website in the past 3 days checking out our endorsement pages. We are so grateful to all of you for considering us a trusted resource for this content.

Yesterday, we heard a great story from a mom in our community that we loved and we are so lucky to be able to share this with you on Election Day 2019.

Her oldest son left for college this year. The 2019 election is his first opportunity to vote. His ballot was lost and he’s away at school, which is an 8 hour round trip to vote in Jeffco. But check this out!


These students made an 8 hour trip, covered 470 miles, and spent $56.62 in gas to vote.



Thank you, Gator Graduate! We are so proud that you are Jeffco!

PS – Thanks to mom, Kristen, for sharing the pictures and story with us!