Statewide Education Funding Petitions

It’s time to make a promise to the children of Colorado! We’ve been talking about education funding issues for years. In 2018, we have an opportunity!

Initiative 93, entitled Great Schools, Thriving Communities is here! Support Jeffco Kids has been involved, endorsed, and ready to take action with you!

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We need your support and help to make this a reality!

We need more than 10,000 signatures across all 4 Senate Districts in Jeffco alone. Help us make Jeffco first across the finish line!


The Great Schools, Thriving Communities ballot measure builds on the successes of Colorado’s public schools by expanding educational opportunities for our students to prepare them for success in college, career and life. This initiative funds those expanded opportunities through tax increments on income earned above $150,000 and on corporations and ensures that decisions about how to use those new funds are made at the local level. To provide sustainable support for schools for years to come, it stabilizes the volatile local share of education funding by first lowering property tax rates and then freezing the rates, which are third lowest in the nation.

It’s up to us! Help us collect enough signatures to give voters a choice this November.



The initiative also plans for equitable distribution of the revenue raised. Unless and until the legislature creates a more equitable School Finance Formula, this initiative would:

  • Increase base funding for all students
  • Provide for full-day kindergarten and increase the amount of revenue going to early childhood education funding
    Expand the definition of “at-risk” students to count free and reduced lunch kids
  • Significantly increase the amount of funds passing from the state to local districts for: English Language Learners, Special Education, and Gifted & Talented students

Supporting all kids in Jefferson County Colorado