SJK Supporters

We are very grateful to our community for your support! If you’d like to have your name added to the list, please send an email to

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Our mission is to educate the Jeffco Community on the importance of supporting public education for ALL kids in Jeffco, inform the community on the current events, and to support a school board that understands the importance of educating all 86,000 students in Jeffco.


Support Jeffco Kids supporters:

Jonna Levine, Co-Founder/Co-Chair

Shawna Fritzler, Co-Founder/Co-Chair

Debbie Carpenter, Treasurer


Tina Galterio, Volunteer Coordinator

Kay Slater, Volunteer Coordinator

Phyllis Writz, Volunteer Coordinator

Bobbi Sanchez, Volunteer Coordinator

Nina Banks, Volunteer Coordinator

Eva Frickle, Volunteer Coordinator

Nicole Croy, Volunteer Coordinator

Annie Bitsie, Volunteer Coordinator

Karyn Peabody, Volunteer Coordinator

Melissa Martini, Volunteer Coordinator

Toni Trebilcock, Volunteer Coordinator

Jeff Yeager, Volunteer Coordinator

Gillie Bishop, Volunteer Coordinator

Michele Patterson, Graphics and Visual Communications


Ron Castagna, Retired Lakewood High School Principal

Jim Curtis, Business Leader

Representative Jessie Danielson, Community Leader

Judy Denison, Golden Newsletter

Dave DiGiacomo, Former Jeffco Board of Education Member

Jill Fellman, Former Jeffco Board of Education Member

Jane Goff, Colorado State Board of Education, Board Member Representing CD7

Marv Kay, Former Mayor of Golden/Professor Emeritus at Colorado School of Mines/Former Colorado School of Mines Athletic Director & Football Coach

Representative Chris Kennedy, Community Leader

Senator Andy Kerr, Community Leader

Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp, Community Leader

Sue Marinelli, Former Jeffco Board of Education Member

Debby Oberbeck, Former Jeffco Board of Education Member

Representative Brittany Pettersen, Community Leader

Judy Pierce, Former Jeffco Board of Education Member

Alonzo F. Rodriguez, Ph.D., US Army (LTC) (Ret), Assoc. VP Student Affairs, California State University (Ret), Assist. VP Student Affairs, Metro State College (Ret)

William G. (Bill) Ross, Jeffco School Board, 1977 -1989

Hon. Sue Schafer, Community Leader

Dr. Cindy Stevenson, Former Jeffco Superintendent

Dave Thomas, Former Jeffco Board of Education Member

Representative Max Tyler, Community Leader

Sue Windels, Former State Senator

Representative Dave Young

Senator Rachel Zenzinger, Community Leader


Jeffco Association of ASD parents (JAASD)

Chris Ainscough, Community Leader and Jeffco Parent

Mike Elder, Community Leader

Jennifer Allport, Parent and Guardian of Children in Jeffco Students

Tim Allport – Parent and Guardian of Children in Jeffco Schools, Employee, Jeffco Public Schools

Jenifer Ross-Amato, Community Leader

Sydney Ayers, Community Leader

Terry Arnold, Small Business Owner, Jeffco Parent

Jason Astle, Jeffco Citizen, Alumni, Jeffco Parent, and Former Board Member of Jefferson Foundation

Lorri Avery, Jeffco Parent and Community Leader

Jane Banzin, Community Member

F. Keith Battan, M.D.

Rebecca Wallace Beattie, Jeffco Parent and Business Owner

Lynée Beck, Jeffco Teacher, Parent and Business Owner

Carole Benjamin, Community Member

Annie Bitsie,  Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Education Support Professional, School Volunteer

Jan Blatnik, Retired Teacher, Volunteer, and Grandparent

Bill Bottoms, Community Leader

Sheryl Olenius Bowen, Community Member

Casey Brown, Candidate for Golden City Council and Community Member

Gina Brown, Community Member

Carol Byrd, Para Educator, Parent and Community Member

Glenda Cadman, Business Leader

Kaye Cantwell, Jeffco Parent Volunteer

Scott Capron, Retired Jeffco Teacher and Community Leader

Stephanie Carriveau, Former Jeffco Parent, current Jeffco Grandparent

Laura Carroll, Jeffco Parent and Educator

Ruth Annette Carter, Community Leader

Robin Chalker, Business Leader

Michael Clark, Community Leader

Kari Cochran, Jeffco Parent

Randy Cochran, Jeffco Parent

Carol Coleman, Parent of 2 Grads, Retired Educator, Volunteer, Community Member

Todd Collins, Jeffco Parent

Lisa Cook, Ph.D., Jeffco Parent and Community Leader

Paul Cook, Ph.D., Jeffco Parent and Community Leader

Betty Crist, Retired educator, parent of graduates, grandparent and great grandparent of grads and current students

Lisa Cutter, Community Leader

Linda Dallman, Retired School Foodservice Director

CeXochiti De L Torre, Jeffco parent and educator

Dorian De Long – Husband, Dad, Friend, Teacher – always in our hearts and memories

Genevieve De Long, Jeffco Student

Shaylyn De Long, Jeffco Parent

Bryan Douglass, Community Leader

Heather Douglass, Community Leader

Tina Drew, Jeffco Parent

Jim Earley, Jeffco Parent, Business Leader

Kris Edwards, Retired Jeffco Educator, Jeffco Parent & Jeffco Grandparent

Maria Elenas, Community Leader

Lisa Faircloth, Community Leader

Loredana Farilla, Jeffco Parent and Volunteer Horticultural Therapist

Dawn Findley, Jeffco Parent

Shawna Foster, Education Advocate

Tom Foster, Parent

Rose Foster, Student

Rex Foster, Student

Melinda Franzel, Jeffco Parent

Bryan E. Fritzler, P.E., Business Leader, Parent

Morgan Fritzler, Jeffco Student

Kathy Fullerton:  Jeffco Educator, Community Member, and Parent

Heather Gabriszeski, Jeffco Parent

Deborah Gard, Retired Jeffco Teacher and Administrator, Jeffco Resident, Taxpayer and Voter

Casey Gardner, Jeffco Schools Social Worker

Lygia Garrick, Jeffco Resident, Mom of Jeffco Grads

Jill Gergle Moynihan, Jeffco Parent, Taxpayer, and Voter

Kenneth Gibbins, Community Member

Gena Gilas – Parent and PTSA President at Oberon Middle School

Paul Glauthier, Jeffco Parent

MaryLou Golding, Community Member, Parent of 4 Graduates, Grandparent of two attending currently, and Retired Teacher

Donda Gordon, Jeffco Parent and Community Leader

Jennifer Granbery, Jeffco Parent and Community Leader

Sharon Gray, Community Member

Marilou Griego, Graduate, Former Parent, Retired Teacher

Bob Gurdikian, Jeffco Parent

Tina Gurdikian, Jeffco Parent

Darly Gurry, LCSW, Community Leader

Raymond Hart, Retired Public School Counselor, Grandparent

Ruth and Lowell Hartvigson, Grandparent Volunteers

Nicole Head, Jeffco Parent

Sheralyn Heffner, Retired Jeffco Educator

Mike Henderson, Community Leader

Tania Henderson, M.A., L.P.C., N.C.C., Community Leader

Michelle Henninger, Jeffco Parent

Opal Hilty, Jeffco Parent

Tikki Heublein, Long-time Educator and Educational Consultant

Gregg Hinnen, Community Member

Star Howes, Jeffco Teacher, Wife and Parent of Jeffco Graduates

John Hubert, PTSO President of Jefferson County Open School

Julia Hughes, Jeffco Parent

April Johnson, Jeffco Teacher, Parent and Grandparent

Donna Johnson, Retired Jeffco Teacher

Chris Johnson, Business Leader and Jeffco Parent

Kelly Johnson, Jeffco Parent and Community Leader

Pat Jolley, Retired Jeffco Teacher and Former Jeffco Parent

Laurie Arnold-Kelly – Jeffco Parent and School Volunteer

John Kelly – Jeffco Parent and School Volunteer

Tammy Kerr, Community Leader and Jeffco Parent

Jeff Kirk, Jeffco Parent

Christina Kittelstad, Business Owner, Parent and Community Member

Michael J. Klassen, Community Leader

Angela Kraft-Meldahl, Community Member

Kristine Kraft, Retired Teacher, Child Advocate

Gail Kramer, Jeffco Parent, Retired Jeffco Teacher-Librarian

Paula Langhorst, Jeffco Parent and Community Leader

Cecelia Lange, Ph.D., Community Leader

Jerald Lange, Community Leader

Ali Lasell, Jeffco Parent

John Lasell, Business Leader

Patsy Lebsock, Retired Educator, Parent of 2 Jeffco graduates

Cheri Lee, Retired Teacher, Jeffco Grandparent

Jay Levine, Business and Community Leader

Nicole Lepke, Teacher and Mother of 2 Jeffco Students

Margaret Lessenger, Parent of recent Jeffco Graduate, Community Volunteer, helped start a Jeffco Charter School

Betsy Lichty, Retired Jeffco Teacher

Linda Linton, Jeffco Para, Jeffco Parent and Volunteer

Jodi Lundin, Community Leader

Ray Lundin, Community Leader

Gail Martin, Retired Jeffco  Teacher-Librarian and parent of three Jeffco graduates

Leah Martinez: PTA and Community Leader, Parent of Jeffco Alumni, CDAC Board Member, and Former Jeffco Employee

Bianca Martinez: Jeffco Alumni, Community Leader, and CDAC Member

Lynn Mason, Community Leader

Nancy McCanless, Jeffco Education Support Professional, Volunteer

Wendy McCord, Community Leader and Jeffco Parent

Barbara McGinnis, Retired Educator and Community Member

Cindy Midyett, Jeffco Grad, Mom of two Jeffco Grads, and Grandma to future Jeffco grads

Steven Meldahl, Community Leader

Sara Mellen, Business Leader

Karen Michie,  Community Member

Keith Michie, Community Member

Bruce G. Miller, Business Leader

Marta Murray, Community Leader

Anne Namuth, Jeffco Community Member & Adams12 Teacher

Molly Niven, Community Member and Retired Jeffco Teacher

Donna Ostwald, Jeffco Teacher/Parent of Jeffco Graduates

Melinda Parish, School Bus Driver at North Transportation

Mary Patee, Community Activist, Grandparent

Michele Patterson, Community Leader and Jeffco Mom

Joseph B. Poisson, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Father and Father-in-law of two Jeffco Teachers, Grandfather of two Jeffco Students.

Ami Prichard, Jeffco Mom and Teacher

Melissa Reeves, Former Jeffco Employee

Kathy Reul, Community Member

Rheana Rogers, Jeffco Mom

Cathy Rossano, Community Member

Stephanie Rossi, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent, and Jeffco Graduate

Mary Collier Ross, Graduate of Lakewood High School, parent of 4 Jeffco graduates, teacher in Jeffco schools, volunteer

Ann Roux, Community Member and Former Jeffco Teacher

Leo Roux, Community Member

Mary Velasquez Rowzee, oldest of 10 children who all graduated from AWHS; mother of the first 2nd generation Velasquez graduate of AWHS class of ’96 and grandmother to the first 3rd generation Velasquez graduate of AWHS class of 2015. Past PTA Officer at elementary, junior and senior high schools as well as at county and state

Dale Rowzee, community member and grandfather of five who all attend now or graduated from Jeffco schools

Maggie Ruddy, Jeffco Mom

Susan Carter Ruskell, Jeffco Parent and Community Volunteer

Todd Ruskell, Jeffco Parent and Community Leader

Kimberly Russo, Community Leader and Jeffco Parent

Joan Sample, Community Member, Educator

Jim and Jean Scharfenberg, Parent and Grandparents of Jeffco Graduates and Great Grandparents of 4 Jeffco Students

Sherry Schulz, Retired Jeffco Teacher

Dawn Schwaderer

Sophie Schwedland, Jeffco Resident, Parent, & Teacher

Stephen C. Selle, Retired Jeffco Principal

Aaron Shaw, Jeffco Parent and Small Business Owner

Brandy Shaw, Jeffco Parent and school volunteer

Christine Smith-Mitchell, Jeffco Parent

Greg Smith, Jeffco Grandparent and volunteer at Excel Academy

Sharon Smith, Jeffco Grandparent

Stephanie Smith, Jeffco Parent and educator in a private school

Char Sorensen, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Parent of two Jeffco Graduates, Community Member and Volunteer

Mary Stahl, Community Leader and Jeffco Parent

Mike Stahl, Business Leader and Jeffco Parent

Tad Stephens, Business Leader and Jeffco Parent

Cindy Stevens, Retired Educator

Tammy Story, Community Leader

Kitty Strauss, Retired Educator

Terri Taylor Straut, Community Leader

Wendi Strom, Parent and Accountability Committee Chair at Westgate Elementary School

Sandy Strong, Retired Jeffco Teacher

Pam Surratt, Retired Social Worker

Andrew Tinch, Community Member, Jeffco Parent

Sally Kate Tinch, Community Member, Jeffco Parent

Teresa Louis-Tomlinson, Teacher, Community Member

Georgenne Tomlinson, Retired Administrator-32 years

Julie Valdez, SJK Volunteer

Lauree Valverde, Jeffco Parent

Spud Van de Water, Jeffco Resident and Community Leader

Sandra Van Ens, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Parent of Three Jeffco Grads, Member of Support Jeffco Kids

Jack R. Van Ens, Historian, Dramatist, and Newspaper Columnist.

Denys Vigil, Long-time Educators and Educational Consultants

Ric Watson, Community Leader

Darcie Weiser, Jeffco Parent and Community Leader

Laura Laney Welch, Founding Member of Douglas County Parents, Friend of Jeffco

Debby Weller, Retired Educator, Parent, Grandparent

Brandi Wilcox, Jeffco Parent and Small Business Owner

Phil Wilson, Community Member and Parent

Wenda Wilson, Jeffco Teacher and Parent

Peggy Woodward – Jeffco Grandparent with a Student

Phyllis Writz, Retired Jeffco Educator, Community Member

Christy Yacano, Jeffco Teacher

Mary Young, Retired Educator and Grandparent

Bob Zachman – Retired Jeffco Music Educator, Jeffco Grandparent




Prairie Lily Massage Therapy, LLC


Torin Reed, President
Aardvark Graphic Solutions


Bruce G. Miller, Cherry Creek Properties LLC (teacher rebates and discounts on my real estate commission for all teachers and former students)

Center for Alternative & Responsible Education (CARE) – LLC

Community Auction Services, LLC

Plan 9 Studios

Spiral Design Color Consulting

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