SJK Endorses #YesOn1A

Support Jeffco Kids is proud to endorse Ballot Measure 1A for Jefferson County, Colorado, which will:

  • Provide for the safety of the public including maintaining adequate jail beds, staffing the District Attorney’s Office, adequate patrol personnel, and wildfire mitigation;
  • Maintain roads, bridges and other new transportation improvements;
  • Preserve public facilities and infrastructure including building security and maintenance; and
  • Provide services traditionally offered by Jefferson County and other Colorado county governments and statutorily

We hope you took the time to read our public comment –

Essentially, what has happened in Jeffco is this: In addition to growth and property value increase, because grants and funding from other sources also impact the TABOR cap, Jeffco has to give money back to the voters. Because the cost and time involved to give back money is also tremendous in such a large county, the previous commissioners just decreased the amount of money they were taking from property taxes. The approved mill levy for county services is approximately 22 and Jeffco has gradually just reduced the mill to 18 (even though 22 is approved!) Essentially, there’s a cup filling with water and when it’s filled to the brim, the water just runs over the top and sides and the county is not allowed to have the extra water, even if it needs the extra water.

Additionally, if the referred ballot measure CC is approved by the voters, Jeffco simply becomes a donor county. Even at this point, if Jeffco gets a grant for something (and those are usually specific), they have to cut their revenue somewhere else.


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The Jefferson County government website also has lots of information we encourage you to read –

Ballot language as well as pro and con statements can be found here –

In 2020, Jefferson County will have to cut expenses by $16.1 million, including:
$5.4 million in cuts to public safety
$10.1 million in cuts to other county services
$0.6 million in cuts to health & human services


Let’s preserve our way of life here in Jeffco. Get involved with #Yeson1A today!

Let’s de-bruce Jeffco to keep excess TABOR revenues for public safety, roads, and essential countywide services! #Jeffco #VoteYeson1A #Yeson1A

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