SJK Endorses Lisa Smith, Arvada City Council At-Large

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Lisa Smith, Arvada City Council At-Large

Responses from Lisa Smith are below:

“Public schools allow children and communities to learn together. People from different backgrounds, socio-economic status, and ethnicities come together to learn which has such value in addition to the curriculum. Students learn about different cultures, learn about different families and their dynamics and build strong social skills from having a diverse group to interact with. Additionally, these are the seeds of our future, we need to push as much as we can for better public schools to set our kids and communities up for success. I come from Connecticut and Boston, I went to public schools my entire childhood and was so grateful for the amount of value our communities put into public educations, just like our founders did. I would like to see us put more effort and funding behind our public schools in Colorado.”