SJK Endorses Lisa Cutter for Colorado Senate District 20

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Representative Lisa Cutter for Colorado Senate District 20

Twitter: @Cutter4Colorado
Instagram: @Cutter4Colorado


Responses from Representative Lisa Cutter are below:

“The public school system was designed to benefit all children. Parent’s rights should never supersede the rights of all children to receive a fair and equitable education. While parents should certainly be able to choose acceptable alternative learning environments (home schooling, charter schools, etc.) for their children, diverting public funds for this purpose is detrimental to the majority and an irresponsible use of our tax dollars. 

“I am a staunch supporter of PUBLIC EDUCATION, and will oppose any legislation that diverts dollars from public schools to leverage for the benefit of all students. I have consistently and enthusiastically voted down such measures.”