SJK Endorses Lindsey Daugherty for Colorado State House Representative, District 29

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Lindsey Daugherty for CO State House of Representatives, District 29!

Responses from Lindsey Daugherty are below:

“We need to defend and expand funding for mental health programs in the state. Colorado is far below the national average ratio of mental health professions to students. Ensuring each student feels comfortable in their school is one of the first steps to ensuring school safety. It’s also important for legislators to work directly with school board members and district administration to address issues specific to their communities.”

“Public schools are at the very foundation of our society. The next generation of doctors, construction workers, mechanics, and lawyers will start their education in the public school system. It’s vital that it is well-rounded, rigorous, and updated to the skills needed for 21st century careers.”