SJK Endorses Karla Esser for State Board of Education, CD 7

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Karla Esser for State Board of Education, CD 7!

Responses from Karla Esser are below:

“Should I become a director on the State Board of Education in CD7, I would be involved with Jeffco as one of CD7’s school districts. Listening to students, parents,  and educators is always the first step. I have often heard comments from the ‘public’ at state board meetings with a vote on the issue directly following the public comments. This gives the impression that the board has already made a decision and the comments were perfunctory, and were not considered in any decision. This is one thing I would change. I would be a tireless advocate for our students and educators, especially in the areas of safety, teachers professionalism, equity and reasonable accountability. The partnership I have now with Jeffco schools would continue, just in a different area.”