SJK Endorses Jake Lilly for District Attorney, 1st Judicial District

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Jake Lilly for District Attorney, 1st Judicial District

Responses from Jake Lilly are below:

“I believe so strongly in how fixing how poorly we fund public education in Colorado that I served as the financial director for the 5A/5B campaign, supported the school board recall, and assisted school board candidates in the 2019 school board race.  5A/5B was a good start in providing school funding but only a temporary fix to the much greater problem.  I supported the state-wide initiative, Prop CC, to provide further school funding which, of course, failed and 1A, the effort to de-bruce the County (which would have had much less an effect on schools).  Ultimately, the underlying issues of TABOR, Gallagher and Amendment 23 must be addressed head on.  School funding is too important and too fluid of an issue to allow an Amendment proposed by a now-convicted zealot to govern.   I educate my two sons in Colorado public schools and will do whatever is necessary to ensure proper funding for those schools so they may have quality education.”

“ I believe firmly that public schools are the backbone of American society and ensure that we remain an educated and productive nation.  All children have a right to a quality education and the more we invest in our public schools, the greater we will increase productivity and wealth in the U.S.  As a District Attorney, I believe the more we invest in children at a young age, including in schools, mental health services, behavioral health services, child care, and programs such head start and school nutritional programs, the more we can address the underling causes of criminal behavior and end the school to prison pipeline.  The public education system is the greatest chance to address these issue early, ensure a level playing field and opportunity, and thus prevent many of the causes of criminality.”