SJK Endorses Hannah Gay Keao for Edgewater City Council

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Hannah Gay Keao for City Council


Responses from Hannah Gay Keao are below:

“Quality education is a human right. Like quality healthcare and shelter and nutrition, this human right should be as accessible as possible. Yet we’ve spent decades – centuries now, I guess – complicating this system with alternative options. When there’s choice to get something that should be foundational, then that creates more work for the choosers. It creates barriers to entry that may be easier for some to navigate than others. I taught at a charter school that serviced low income immigrant families. We had tremendous energy at summertime door knocking parties, where we’d all gather in a church basement, eat bagels and coffee, discuss canvassing basics, then go knock on every door of every eligible family who might be able to send their kid to our school. We had multi language materials explaining the lottery and choice system. I will not bash that school or my experience there; overall it was incredibly positive. But what if we had spent that same energy, money, and resources supporting the neighborhood school and its kiddos and teachers? What about the families who were already in that school, the parents who had relationships with teachers, the kids who had friends there? We need to build systems for all not some, and the more complex our systems are, the more the haves who have the time and influence can design the systems to benefit them while leaving the have nots behind.”