Press Release for Signature Gathering

Colorado Secretary of State’s Office Issues Rules for Ballot Petition Signature Gathering

DENVER, Colo.- Pursuant to Governor Polis’s two Executive Orders (here and here) issued on May 15, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has issued a series of temporary rules that enable signature gathering for ballot petitions during the COVID-19 national health crisis.  The rules lay out a series of innovative methods in which those collecting signatures can do so via email or mail.

“This country’s core promise is government ‘by and for the people.’ That’s why it’s so important that Coloradans have access to participating in our democracy. I am proud to release new procedures that protect this fundamental right in these unprecedented times,” said Secretary Griswold. “These procedures will allow Coloradans to exercise their right to petition by using email and mail to collect signatures for ballot access.”

The rules outline provisions that will allow unaffiliated or independent candidates who file their petitions with the Secretary of State, as well as petitioners for state ballot initiatives, to utilize mail and email to gather requisite signatures in addition to normal in-person signature gathering.  Those who do decide to gather signatures in-person are encouraged to follow local health guidelines.

The candidate or ballot initiative petitioners will send a form, approved by the Secretary of State’s Office, via mail or email to supporters who are eligible to sign. The supporter must then physically print their name and address as well as sign the form, and in the case of a ballot initiative, have the form witnessed, and return an image of that signed form to the candidate or ballot initiative petitioner.

For the complete rules, click here.

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