Period Project, You Can Make This Mission Possible

A group of exceptional Arvada West students started the Period Project. We told you about this earlier this year –

They advocated, did the work, continue to do the work, made a change at their school, and talked to legislators. They got a sponsor for a bill and lobbied at the Capitol.

This was not an easy task, even at their own school.

They held a rally and gave speeches!

They testified on their bill, HB20-1131 –

Update on HB20-1131 Menstrual Hygiene Products in Schools aka the Period Project


We are so very proud of these students and we testified in support of HB20-1131 as well.

We have heard some legislators say this bill isn’t needed. We must make sure that our legislators are contacted, ALL OF THEM! This bill still needs to go through several other committees to become a reality.

  • Menstruation is not a disease that should require a trip to the nurse’s office.
  • Our students don’t need instruction to use feminine hygiene products.
  • Loss of class time to hunt down these products is a clear bias and disadvantage.
  • Though some say that Foundations are saying they’ll pay to make this happen, it isn’t guaranteed, it isn’t ongoing, and it creates even more inequities.
  • Administrators walk a fine line with very limited budgets in deciding what they can and can’t do with their funds and clearly this continues to not be a priority.
  • Several states have already done this. Approval of legislation mandating that it happens is serving the people rather than allowing continuing road blocks in serving our students properly.
  • If we’re going to talk about serving the “whole child” then this needs to be included.

No more Mission Impossible games in providing our menstruating students with the most basic need. Put them in the restrooms where they are used and require it. Write your legislators, please!