Period Project Support for Arvada West Intersectional Feminist Club

Support Jeffco Kids and Jeffco PTA support the Period Project by the Arvada West Intersectional Feminist Club and urges you to email us at if you would like to sign on in support as well.

We are so proud of these students!

Read their letter:

Our names are Jocelyn Gotfred and Julia Trujillo and we’re the co-founders and co-presidents of the Arvada West Intersectional Feminist Club. We started our club last January and are the first Intersectional Feminist Club in the district.

Our mission is to promote a positive environment for female empowerment within A-West and cultivate change centered around improving the lives and interactions of girls and all students. We want to create a better culture and decrease misogyny in the student body and learning environment.

Our biggest goal, and project we currently have underway, is to install sustainable and free feminine hygiene product dispenser in our school’s restrooms, three at first and hopefully in the future in all of our women’s restrooms. This is so important to us because we believe access to feminine hygiene products are a health concern and a right, not a luxury. When students don’t have feminine hygiene products on hand, they’re forced to face extreme discomfort and potentially lose educational time asking friends, the nurse, etc. Period poverty is a real issue–1 in 5 American girls have left school or missed school due to lack of menstrual products (2018 Always study on period poverty.)

Last spring we conducted a culture survey in order to better understand the status of feminism within our school. One of our questions was if students felt the school should provide free, accessible menstrual products in our restrooms. 76% of all students who took part in the survey were in favor of this. In May of last year we met with the administration and staff leadership team at Arvada West and presented them with our plan and our goals for the 2019-2020 school year, as well as with data from the culture survey we conducted. Our goal to install feminine hygiene product dispensers was not well received and were told funding would be an issue. Since then we have started a Go-Fund-Me with the help of the Period Kit Foundation in Denver and have raised over $1000 from that alone, and we now have an offer from a donor willing to fully fund our project (including the price of the tampons/pads to fill the machines) for a year.

All we truly need at this point is the approval of our principle to complete our project. Your organization’s support for our club and our project would be so meaningful, and could really help propel our project forward. We are so thankful for the opportunity to speak to your members about the important work we are doing.

Thank you so much!

Jocelyn and Julia