SJK Endorses Representative Shannon Bird for Colorado State House District 29

SJK is pleased to endorse:

Representative Shannon Bird for Colorado State House District 29



Responses from Representative Shannon Bird are below:

“My heart breaks right now for districts, placed between the vice of declining enrollment and the stranglehold on school funding placed by TABOR and the Budget Stabilization Factor. Coupled with school choice, which siphons money away from our community neighborhood schools, I will continue to look for creative ways to improve school funding until a fix to the school funding formula can be addressed and accepted by voters.”

“I am a staunch supporter of public schools and see any and all additional attempts to dismantle the strong roots of our schools as detrimental to the future of not just our state, but our country. Recent actions by the US Supreme Court heighten my concern around an effort to introduce vouchers to Colorado, and I would oppose any such legislation…”

“Supporting your local public schools is supporting the future of your community…I would tell any member of any community that if they are interested in having and playing a role in the future of what their community looks like, what the future of their town looks like, to get involved in their local public schools because the impact and the difference they can make in the life of a child really does matter.”