Our Big, Accidental Clothing Drive

The accidental BIG clothing drive has started, thanks to some amazing volunteers! Throughout the years, we have done various service projects, with much success thanks to all of you!

We’ve done drives for school supplies, back packs, clothing, foods, socks, and winter coats. All while we continue to advocate together for public education and Support Jeffco Kids.

A couple of us have kept our homes open year round for clothing donations for Serving Kids in between our big service projects. In the process of reminding people that we have this service year round, a bunch of amazing people stepped forward and added their addresses and the clothing donations are started to flow in to each of our locations. WOW!

Let’s go with it!

We hope you’ll join our Accidental Clothing Drive! (Happy to add your address if you want to join in, we just collect the donations and deliver them to the Serving Kids volunteers to do their amazing work!) Our volunteers allows this project to be a 24/7 operation with locations close to anyone in Jeffco.

Clean out those closets, we’ll need winter coats soon so if the kids have outgrown them (or will within the next few months), let’s get those donated!

What do we need? All gently used clothing, any size! New socks, new underwear, new undergarments! Winter Coats, light jackets, etc. Remember, high school students wear the same sizes as adults as well – so every size donation is needed! Please drop your donations off to us!!!


Shawna – 5683 Fig Way, Arvada 80002

Jonna –  8356 Devinney Street, Arvada 80005

Eva – 12299 W. Connecticut Dr., Lakewood 80228

Gail – 9024 West Arizona Drive, Lakewood 80232

American Music School – 1150 Van Gordon Ct., Lakewood 80228

Kay – 6930 S. Yukon Way, Littleton 80128

Marley – 10421 Holland Street, Westminster 80021

Betty – 3850 Allison Circle, Wheat Ridge 80033


And now a note from our friends at Serving Kids:

LOOKING BACK at the 2017-2018 school year we find that Serving Kids did just what the name indicates—we met the basic clothing needs for 1743 students in Jeffco Schools who ranged in age from 3 to 20 and in size from 3T to 5X.  Orders went out to 140 schools and programs: preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, option schools, charters, and a variety of special programs in every corner of the county.
What goes into a completed clothing request? Sometimes the student just needs a pair of shoes or a coat and that is provided; however, a standard clothing request is for pants, tops, underwear, socks, shoes and outerwear such as coats and hoodies, hats and gloves. The usual order that a volunteer fills contains a coat, 1-2 hoodies, 5 tops, 3 pants, 5 pairs of both socks and underwear, 1 pair of shoes, winter hat and gloves—the items needed for a student to attend school. Sports fan gear, holiday shirts or seasonal items are also included when available. By the time the school year drew to a close 33,965 items had been sent out to Jeffco students in need—an average of almost 20 items per order.
It takes a dedicated crew to make good things happen so volunteers from ages 11 to 92 donated over 2800 hours to this endeavor and that is just the folks who remembered to write down their work times.  That number does not include the school-based personnel who recognize a child in need, gather size information, and communicate the request to SK, nor does it include countless community members, school and community organizations, and random friends and neighbors that host drives for new socks and underwear, gather clothing donations, or donate funds for the cause. 

LOOKING FORWARD to the 2018-2019 school year finds the Serving Kids volunteers already at work—in fact, the work never stopped.  When there are not clothing requests to fill it is time to sort and shelve donations, straighten and restock shelves, organize coordinator and shopper schedules, and take a few deep breaths to prepare for the wave of requests that begins as school staff members report back to work and students begin enrolling. We enjoyed some extra assistance this summer with some Mom and Daughter volunteers that came in to help with specific projects—our thanks to them for taking on the organization of hat and gloves and our stock of fan gear for sports teams.  In August of 2017, 250 clothing requests were completed with another 200 done in September so our regular volunteers are ready to put in extra hours to meet student needs as quickly as possible. The first requests for this year hit our email and fax machine today (7/23/18)!

SK coordinates with King Soopers to raise funds using their reloadable card.  In April/May, card users spent $11,360 and we received a check for $568, for June card expenditures we earned $333.50 .  These funds are needed to purchase the items such as socks and underwear that must be new and to purchase requested items that we do not have in stock.  We would love to have more SK supporters using the reloadable cards. Please contact Brianna Sutton at 303-982-6839 ext.3 if you would like to participate and fund a few pair of socks.
The community action group, Support Jeffco Kids, is hosting  a clothing drive to benefit Serving Kids.  They have recruited folks who are offering their homes in different areas of the county as drop off sites for clothing donations which can be convenient for those of you who wish to donate. You can find that information on this link, http://www.supportjeffcokids.org/spring-2017-clothing-drive/, or find them on Facebook or Twitter. Whenever you are ready to clean out your closet check back to their link—they will accept donations throughout the year and the link will be updated with drop-off information.

Donations of new or clean gently used clothing may also be dropped off at the office of Jeffco Schools Foundation at 809 Quail at any time.  Checks for financial support may be made to Jeffco Schools Foundation with “Serving Kids” in the memo line.