Our 2021 Wish for Jeffco Teachers and Staff

Welcome back Jeffco teachers and staff! 

As has been our SJK tradition, about this time of year, we both (Shawna & Jonna) like to send you our best and share our wishes for the coming school year.


From Jonna:

It’s been some time since my daughter was a Jeffco student.  I’ve been hanging around Jeffco since her Kindergarten year, 2000.   I have to say I’ve seen our Jeffco teachers, staff, and schools weather some pretty tough times (Columbine, WNW, horrible budget cuts), but I kind of feel this last school year ranks up near the top.  We’ve always persevered and picked ourselves up by our bootstraps to get what needs to get done to do right by our students and their families.  That’s one of the things I love and admire about our people and this community.  So thank you all for hanging in there this last year.  It took its toll on everyone and bless you all for keeping your eye on the prize – the well-being of our students.

As we look ahead to a new school year with a new superintendent, I’m really hopeful. I think this change in district leadership feels like a fresh start and I’m hopeful everyone will get behind Supt. Dorland to make her first school year as Jeffco’s superintendent a successful one. (If she’s successful, Jeffco will be successful.)  I love the new Jeffco theme, #JeffcoBetterTogether.  It’s so true, we are better together.

I’m also hopeful we beat this damn COVID.  Let’s all do our part and get our vaccinations and wear our masks where and when we are asked.  With everyone’s cooperation, participation, and patience, we can do what we need to do to protect our most vulnerable while providing plenty of educational opportunities for our students.   

My wish this school year for teachers and staff (and students and their families) is that we support each other; we work together to do what we need to do, we look out for each other (let’s have each others’ backs). There are those in Jeffco and other communities who are looking to capitalize on the dissent and fear dealing with COVID has created.  When we disagree (and we do and will continue to in this climate) let’s exercise patience and grace and respect.  Let’s remember we truly are #JeffcoBetterTogether!

Welcome back Jeffco!   We are #JeffcoStrong!  


From Shawna:

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how I feel about beginning this year just yet. There’s the excitement of a new school year and then there’s the mom dread I have with a senior in high school; a lot of firsts and lasts thrown in with the pandemic issues. I love seeing the first day of school pictures of all my friends more than anything – both staff and students.

My hope is that this year will be easier on us all than last. I know that when I have exhaustion, my teachers have to be feeling it even more than I am.

My wish for our teachers and staff this year is more around making sure you all take time for yourselves. Whether that is reading a book, scheduling a massage, time with friends, going outdoors, or just enjoying the views. Your well-being is just as important as the endless hours I know you spend on grading and lesson plans.

Thank you for the thoughtful posts you share about your lessons, creating inclusive and welcoming classrooms, and happy or funny events with our kids. Your efforts and time are very valued and appreciated! I hope you are able to feel our appreciation throughout the year.

I’m also a big fan of the new theme for Jeffco Schools. #JeffcoBetterTogether is the ideal we’d all like to see. I know that, together, we can make this a great year as we support each other in whatever the 2021/2022 school year brings.

Sending you lots of hugs and appreciation for your hard work supporting Jeffco kids! Thank you for everything!