Letter from Carly, Rebel Pride, Rebel Strong!

To whom it may concern,


I grew up in the Jefferson County education system! I must say that I am very greatful that I was able to do so! I feel like not only did my education through Jefferson County schools help me when it came time for college but it also prepared me for life in the real world. The teachers I had through elementary school to high school were absolutely amazing!   They took the time necessary to help each and every student on an individual basis to ensure their success! They work so hard to make sure that the curriculum and daily lessons were pertinent and useful, and not only that but they made it an enjoyable learning environment!  My high school education from Columbine made me more than prepared for college I was able to get into the college I wanted and jump straight into my degree program without taking any prerequisites because of how well I did on my ACT’s! Which was a direct result of the dedication of all my teachers to make sure I was prepared for the test! If it weren’t for the teachers in Jefferson County I would not be able to write this letter as a college graduate who graduated with honors and a Business Administration degree. All of Jefferson County’s schools are worth saving! All of our teacher’s are worth saving and being treated properly for being such dedicated education provider’s and actually caring about each student’s sucess, making sure they are ready for the world out side of school! Please save our beloved schools so the future generations get the opportunity to have the same great experience and recieve the benefit of an amazing education like the one mine recieved and the generations before!


Columbine High School Alumni