Jeffco School Board Votes Unanimously on Resolutions on Ballot Measures

Thank you Jeffco School Board Members Harmon, Miller, Mitchell, Rupert and Schooley for being leaders in the Jeffco community and among school leaders in Colorado for taking this strong stand on these two ballot measures!

At the October 1st meeting of the Jeffco School Board, the board’s members voted unanimously on two resolutions:

In Opposition to Proposition 116


In Support of Repealing the Gallagher Amendment (Amendment B)

We have also declared our emphatic support for Amendment B, as well as our strong opposition to Proposition 116, because of the direct impact these measures (together or singly) could have on funding our public schools.

Amendment B – Strongly Support

Proposition 116 – Strongly Oppose


You can read the board’s resolutions here:

Thank you Jeffco School board for expressing your values with your votes on these resolutions!

“They say, if you want to know what a community values, look at how its children are treated.  If you want a sense of what a community hopes for the future, look at how it values its schools.”