Jane Gilmore – Thank you!!!

We read in the September 30, 2021 Jeffco Public Schools Community Update that a very dear friend of ours, Jane Gilmore, has stepped down from managing the Jeffco Costume Shop – after thirty-seven years.  A testament to her commitment.  


Jane Gilmore may be best known for running the Jeffco Costume Shop for nearly four decades, but we want to make sure folks also know about the many other ways Jane has served and supported Jeffco Public Schools and the Foundation, as well as the Jeffco community. 

We checked in with a few friends to see if they would share with us their thoughts around Jane’s years of service.

Anton Delgado (former Jeffco Schools Foundation Marketing Director):

“Jane Gilmore was a remarkable presence when I worked at The Jefferson Foundation,” said Anton Delgado, former Marketing Director. 

“Jane ran the Costume Shop by putting in many long hours creating, mending and organizing costumes at the facility in its many locations. Jane was also a valuable volunteer at the Foundation, especially during fundraisers and galas. Her efforts created spectacular silent auction events, which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for district programming.

“Jane and Curt Gilmore were always dedicated volunteers in the Jeffco Schools community. They were my role models in engaging and supporting its schools.”

Mona Sandoval, Former Executive Director The Jefferson Foundation (1996-2009)

“I was fortunate to have met Jane Gilmore when I began my career with the Jefferson Foundation in 1994, said Mona Sandoval, Executive Director, 1996-2009 .  Jane provided the guidance and expertise in coordinating and managing the highly successful silent auction for the Foundation’s main fundraising event, The Crystal Ball.   

“When presented with the opportunity to partner with Jeffco Schools as the fiscal agent for the Costume Room, the Board of Directors unanimously approved, knowing that Jane would be at the helm.

“The Costume Room provided a valuable resource for the District’s theatre departments with an array of clothing and costumes that Jane had created, or items donated and gathered from her personal treasure finds. Despite being relocated several times, she always adapted to the new location and, with very little downtime, was ready for the next season.

“Over the years she had a loyal group of volunteers who assisted her.

“Congratulations to my dear friend, Jane Gilmore, for 37 years of successfully managing the Costume Shop.”

Ron Slinger (former V.P. of Institutional Advancement, Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Solutions at Red Rocks Community College): 

“Jane Gilmore is a class act in every sense of the term.  She is a role model of a Life Well Lived.  I always knew that if Jane was involved, whatever the project or event was would be done extremely well and was worthy of my support!”

Cindy Stevenson (former Jeffco Public Schools superintendent)

“When I was fortunate enough to serve as superintendent in Jeffco, I had the great, good fortune to work with and enjoy Jane Gilmore.  She is a woman of grace and beauty.  Her contributions to the district and to the community made all of us stronger.  Jane is a woman of substance who has given greatly to our children.  Jeffco (the Foundation and schools) will miss her.”

When the Jefferson Foundation recognized Jane and her husband Curtis as the 2010 Distinguished Jeffco Alumni, then Executive Director Katie Tiernan said:  “Curt and Jane are special to us…they are the kind of community-minded citizens that make Jeffco one of Colorado’s premier school districts.”

Jonna Levine:

“I first worked with Jane in 2005, when I was asked to help with the Crystal Ball Silent and Live Auction. At the time, it was Jefferson county’s premier event.  Jane oversaw the auction items and played a significant role in organizing the event.

“But, I really got to know Jane best after the passing of her husband Curtis in 2013.  Curt was a force to be reckoned with… and Jane carried on in that tradition. She was a perfectionist and her dedication to Jeffco Schools and the foundation were always at the forefront.  

“Jane was also involved with AWRSAY – Arvada Wheat Ridge Student Ambassadors for Youth. https://www.rrcc.edu/awrsay/leadership-and-partnersAnd she volunteered with us, Support Jeffco Kids to support mill/bond elections, the Recall, and school board races.  She never hesitated to step up.” 

Shawna Fritzler:

“I met Curt first while serving on SPAC and enjoyed working with him as part of the senior outreach group for the 2012 mill and bond. Through him, I met Jane and she assisted us so many times as my daughter became involved in numerous performances. Jane was always so very helpful in finding just the right costumes, and often at the last minute when a certain child finally told me they needed to go to the costume shop to get something for the next day!”

“When we had SJK’s Love Jeffco event in 2016, Jane immediately volunteered to run the check in process for the evening without even being asked. Her nature has always been one of giving to others, especially children. Jeffco is so much better because of her many efforts. Thank you, Jane, we appreciate you so much!”


Jane’s comments back in 2010 when she and Curt were recognized for their work pretty much sums up her philosophy.  Her words still apply today, and we agree: 

“I think everyone needs to be involved…If you want a healthy community, you have to be involved.”


Thank you, Jane! We love you!