Is March 19th On Your Calendar?

Why should you join us at the Capitol on March 19th?

The Fight for a Fully Funded Public Education For All

March 19 PowerPoint

Tired of…

  • Working extra jobs to make ends meet
  • Spending your own money for resources for your classroom
  • Lack of support for students with significant needs that impact your ability to teach
  • Of your own mental health being impacted
  • Tired of not having enough support so you have to take mounds of work home every night
  • Fighting for funding every year


What your child deserves

  • Updated and/or current resources
  • Classrooms filled with supplies for all students
  • Substitutes for classrooms instead of classes being broken into other rooms
  • Additional staff that support diverse learning needs
  • Staff that can focus on teaching and not work several jobs to pay bills
  • Educators that stay in the profession long-term
  • Decreased class sizes


Over the past decade, the total percentage of the state budget dedicated to school funding has steadily decreased, while the budget stabilization factor has increased, more unfunded mandates have been put on the shoulders of educators, and Colorado’s educator shortage has reached crisis levels.


April Days of Action: 2018

  • National momentum from strikes and walk-outs in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, and other places
  • CO educators came together to march on the Capitol
  • Organic mobilization that started on Facebook with Englewood Schools shutting down
  • Brought public ed funding into the spotlight in CO

Amendment 73: 2018

  • We asked voters to approve raising statewide taxes to increase public ed funding
  • Popular opinion favored A73
  • Measure failed 53% to 47%
    • Petition-driven initiatives must receive 55% “Yea” votes

Proposition CC: 2019

  • State legislators designed CC with input from many educators
  • Wasn’t approved by Senate AND House until late in the Session
  • Little coordination between community groups to raise awareness
  • 76% of voters polled said that “teacher pay falls short and should be raised to at least $50k base pay”
  • We’ve shifted the public narrative, the public is with us! But they don’t want to pay for it. They want the STATE to pay for it


Hope is NOT Lost!

It took Douglas Bruce FIVE TIMES to pass TABOR. It will take A LOT of work to undo the damage.


What’s TABOR got to do with this?

  • TABOR (Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights) was written by Douglas Bruce and enacted in 1992
  • When there’s an overflow of money (economic boom), the state must give money over a percentage back to the CO people in tax refunds
  • This puts a permanent cap on the state budget, no matter how good the economy is
  • The cap moves up VERY slowly and has not kept up with Colorado’s economy in the last 20 years


This year, we are saying that enough is enough. It is time for our elected officials to prioritize investment in our students, educators, and schools.


Livable Educator Wages

  • SB 89 – Educator Pay Raise Fund
  • Sponsored by Sen. Danielson
  • Passed out of Senate Education Committee Jan 29
  • Currently in Senate Appropriations
  • Creates a $15M pot of money that districts can use to raise their minimum educator’s wages to a livable wage
  • Money is sourced from income on public education land

Statewide Ballot Initiative

  • Need a legislative proposition on Fall 2020 ballot to raise education revenue
  • Legislative propositions only need a simple majority
    • Amendments need a 55% supermajority
  • We are ready to put in the work to see a ballot initiative passed state-wide

Eliminate the BS Factor by 2022

  • To date, BS Factor has stolen $8.1B from public education
  • This year’s BS Factor starts at $572M
  • We need a significant buy-down this year and 2021 so that it can be eliminated in Session 2022


Why March 19th?

In 2018 we picked a date that was CONVENIENT

In 2020 we picked a date that is STRATEGIC

March 20th

The Budget will be finalized by the state legislature (hopefully.) We want to ensure that our elected officials remember that they work for us and we are DEMANDING that they show us the money!

1) Increase educator pay

2) Eliminate the BS Factor by 2022