Gratitude for Melissa Broaddus

Our Jeffco Schools staff are some of the VERY BEST in the state. Gratitude Attitude was started to recognize our amazing staff members.

We were delighted to recognize Vanderhoof Elementary Teacher Melissa Broaddus and thank her for the work she does to Support Jeffco Kids.

Melissa was nominated by DeAnna Biltoft.

“Ms. Broaddus is a ray of sunshine – kids start each day with a smile and a hug! Her students LOVE school because of the effort she puts into creating a safe and nurturing classroom environment. She puts great emphasis on inclusion, kindness and accepting differences. Every child in her class feels loved! She encourages her students to “fill each other’s buckets” by writing little notes of kindness to one another. My son’s favorite thing to do is come home on Friday and show us all of the notes and letters he received from classmates. His confidence has skyrocketed in second grade, and that’s because of his wonderful teacher. Me. Broaddus exemplifies an attitude of gratitude and teaches her students to do the same.”


Thank you, Melissa!