Gratitude for Debbie Gonzales

Our Jeffco Schools staff are some of the VERY BEST in the state.Gratitude Attitude was started to recognize our amazing staff members.

We were delighted to recognize Rooney Ranch Elementary Enrollment Secretary Debbie Gonzales and thank her for the work she does to Support Jeffco Kids.

Debbie was nominated by SJK Rockstar Annie Bitsie.

“Debbie has worked at Rooney Ranch since it opened in 1994. She is the heart of our school. Her beautiful smile and positive, loving attitude greets every student that walks into our office. She makes everyone who comes into the building feel welcome at our school, and puts new students automatically at ease. She helps our students coming into the health room when our health room aid is out. When we have students who live in poverty or whose parents have come upon hard times, she makes sure they’ll have Christmas gifts to open and warm winter clothes and snow gear and that their families have gas and grocery cards. This year some of our students would probably tell you too that on February 6th she shared with them some tricks that they could do at home to help result in a snow day and that they went home and gave it a try and Jeffco had its first snow day of the ‘18-‘19 school year on February 7th!”


Thank you, Debbie! You will be greatly missed at Rooney Ranch and all of Jeffco! Thanks for welcoming us to your school!