Gratitude Attitude for Cindy Haave

Our Jeffco Schools staff are some of the VERY BEST in the state. Gratitude Attitude was started to recognize our amazing staff members.

We were delighted to recognize Vanderhoof Principal’s Secretary Cindy Haave and thank her for the work she does to Support Jeffco Kids.

Cindy was nominated by S. Howes.

“Cindy never hesitates to step up and do what is right for students. She sees the whole picture and makes quick decisions on behalf of what is best for kids. She is responsible for the “overflow” when the principal or student support staff is not available. She has never hesitated to step up and do what needs to be done on behalf of students at our school.”

Thank you, Cindy!

Visit the Gratitude Attitude page to contribute and/or nominate a Jeffco staff member!