Gratitude Attitude for Christian Becker

Our Jeffco Schools staff are some of the VERY BEST in the state. Gratitude Attitude was started to recognize our amazing staff members.

We were delighted to recognize Collegiate Academy Principal Christian Becker and thank him for the work he does to Support Jeffco Kids.

Christian was nominated by three people!

“Chris exemplifies what it means to support Jeffco kids everyday. Although we are a charter school, Chris works at an amazing level to make sure both school and district goals are met for our students. He has worked closely with Dr. Glass to ensure our students are learning in an engaging way rather than focusing on a paper/pencil method. He has instituted Problem Based Learning across our K-12 school, and partners with teachers to help us bring creativity and higher-order thinking into everyday lessons. His goals for the students and staff are always met with the utmost integrity, and his priorities are always clear, keeping the achievements and success of the students front and center. His positive attitude, willingness to support his school, and his willingness to spend countless hours for the betterment of our students is an active demonstration of what it means to support Jeffco kids. ” – Ashleigh Bryson 

“Mr. Becker consistently goes above & beyond to support students, families, & staff at our school. He is the glue that binds us all together.  From attending sporting events & concerts to visiting students in the hospital to offering comfort to a teacher going through a hard time, Mr. Becker selflessly gives of his time.” – Niccole Board

“Chris works nonstop to make the student’s of Collegiate Academy better people by modeling and encouraging our core values of Integrity, Quality, Ownership and Perseverance. He supports every one of our K-12 students without question. Mr. Becker can be seen walking down the hall holding the hand of a scared Kinder, and minutes later sitting at lunch giving guidance to a HS student. Being a principal of a charter school, he not only leads, he plans, budgets, cleans, chaperones, and even mops. Chris is one of the first to school and last to leave, and all the time between is working to make the live’s of our students better and enriched with knowledge, compassion and kindness.” – Sherry Ballengee


Thank you, Chris!

Visit the Gratitude Attitude page to contribute and/or nominate a Jeffco staff member!