Gratitude Attitude for C.J. Dalrymple

Our Jeffco Schools staff are some of the VERY BEST in the state. Gratitude Attitude was started to recognize our amazing staff members.

We were delighted to recognize Mountain Phoenix teacher C.J. Dalrymple and thank her for the work she does to Support Jeffco Kids.

C.J. was nominated by several people!

“She is always available for her students. She has challenging students and easier students and she gives them all her equal respect and attention.  She does not show her stress on her students or class.  She is a great roll model for her students.” – Kate McBreen

“Mrs. Dalrymple has been a supportive teacher to our MPCS Jeffco kids by dedicating her time in and out of school to counsel our kids from 5th to 8th grade. She has made a difference in many kids lives by helping them through tough times in both school and at home. CJ has taught our kids to be a part of the community and help others. To give to others and be a friend to others. Her dedication to the students and school has given the kids she has had for 3 years hope for the future and the perseverance to reach for their dreams.” – Marnie Michels

“She is a ROCK STAR! CJ has supported and persevered through and with our children ever since she became their teacher 4 years ago!!! We love her and know she is the BEST. ” – Megan Berger

“She is an amazing teacher!” – Mark Kvidera

“She is an incredible teacher who stands up for her kids while helping shape them into great learners and enjoyable world citizens.” – Carrie McCrudden

“She’s dedicated, caring, inspiring, creative and a great teacher and role model for her students!” – Laura Sugg

“She goes above and beyond for the students in her class. She has been with my 8th grade daughter since 6th grade and I have never seen a more dedicated, caring teacher who truly cares about her students. My daughter has learned so much in her classroom and the time she has spent after hours working for the students is amazing. The time and energy she spends on the students and the classroom is very admirable and I hope she is chosen for this award.”- Carrie Bachofer 


Thank you, C.J.!

Visit the Gratitude Attitude page to contribute and/or nominate a Jeffco staff member!