Fake Newspaper Political Mailer

Did you know you’re allowed to lie on political mailers? Just as groups sent out nasty mailers attacking Senator Rachel Zenzinger for a few years, talking about her taxpayer funded trip to China, while our Senator has NEVER BEEN to China, this group is sending out the nastiest of mailers about our Jeffco School District, Board, and Superintendent. Even the children are attacked in the latest nasty version of Jeffco Students First Jeffco Observer.

This political mailer, masquerading as a fake newspaper, would have you believe that Brad Rupert and Susan Harmon are the most evil people you’ll ever meet who are eager to close every school in the district. This is so far from the truth it’s not even funny. The amount of time they volunteer is unreal and they have done it eagerly and graciously for the past two years.

The first headline would have you believe the schools are swimming in money from property tax increases, but anyone who knows math and basic education funding understands that when property taxes are up, the state simply allocates less of the state funding so schools still get the same! What a lie they’ve told here! At the price of the education for our children!

The next is super ugly – insinuating that the board wants to close your school! Even attacking both Susan Harmon and Brad Rupert by name. School size has NEVER been the only consideration for closing a school and Dr. Glass has already stated numerous times that school closures are off the table. McMinimee was the superintendent who proposed closures of the schools and the board was as shocked by his proposal as everyone else in the board room, just as all were shocked when he took the closures off the table during a public meeting in a prepared speech.

There aren’t many schools in this fake piece that are not mentioned, apparently to raise concerns and scare parents who are simply trying to take care of their children. This is an extreme disservice to parents.

Then the false claim of 50% of children are failing is the next lie fake article. That’s not how data works! What a disservice to our children! http://www.supportjeffcokids.org/student-achievement-in-jeffco/

Now, you know they can’t get by without attacking PERA – which is the state funded retirement program for all state employees, fire fighters, police officers, and teachers. They like to ignore the fact that taxpayers voted for PERA and it’s not a district issue. If you want to change PERA, you go to the legislature.

Pretending that the district gets $11,500 per student is the latest lie. Even though CDE shows otherwise and we’ve clearly shown the math before. We’re not really sure why they don’t just go ahead and say that the district gets $1million per student! Hey, if you’re going to lie, go big!

Three Creeks Elementary is attacked as having the cost to build doubled and the school being more than half empty. The families that are attending there will surely be surprised by that, they seem to be enjoying the school and a few more children are not learning in trailers.

Then there are the fake letters to the editor. Right….a fake publication that hasn’t come out in over a year has letters to the editor. Uh huh…

They even go so far as to attack the PTA, the current President, and the state and national PTA. So much for appreciating volunteers in our community who make the biggest difference for children. More lies and false statements.

Once you get past all of that, if your stomach can take it, the Choice Rhetoric from AFP comes up and they highlight charter schools, and only charter schools. Same nastiness as Douglas County is seeing.

The claim that Jeffco Admin has grown by more than 10% is one of the last lies (that’s false and it’s easily proven and shown on the district website and highlighted in the Dollars and Sense brochure – the district even provides a graphic to make it easier to understand.) But hey, in a 155 school, 86,000 student district, apparently they’d really just like to get rid of principals, maybe? Or the support staff for the principals?

The big final lie tells those of us most unfortunate recipients of the fake newspaper that the board is spending $50 million to move 6th graders – a number which the school district disagrees with and no one can figure out where on earth these people are coming up with this number.  Again, why not just say they’re spending a billion, if you’re going to lie, go big.

Apparently Erica Shields and Matt Van Gieson endorse this political mailer, they both “bought” advertisements in it. Big ones and in full color.

It’s sad for our children and it’s sad for our county. If you’ve received it, know that it’s best used to line a hamster cage if you have one and can handle leaving it in your house. It also makes great kindling for the fireplace or fire pit while we are enjoying this lovely October weather. Tell your friends so they aren’t misled into thinking that this is a real newspaper.

For the folks who wrote it, and we know it’s written by a person or two rather than all the names included, remember there’s such a commandment as Thou Shalt Not Lie. Go set yourself up a meeting with the district staff and ask them to show you through the financials of the district and explain funding to you. Ask them to show you how facilities work. Also, try volunteering and donating with the Action Center, Serving Kids, the Foundation, and in a real neighborhood school. Then, head to confession.

Go look in the eyes of real students and engage in their lives, it’ll change yours and you’ll see that we should be investing in them and helping them.