CMAS Update

Our friends at CEA sent out the following regarding HB21-1161. We also want to be clear that this bill does NOT eliminate CMAS testing. If you want to opt out (like 95% of parents are in support of), you still have to email your principal.


HB21-1161 (Suspend Statewide Assessments for Select Grades) has been signed into law! This means the Colorado Department of Education will now be seeking a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education to do CMAS testing on a much more limited scale.

Thank you for voicing your support for #CMASRelief and HB21-1161 this year. We faced some major hurdles, including disappointing federal guidance, but we used our collective voices to win valuable instruction and support time for our students and educators.

We’ve shone a light on the harms caused by standardizing testing, and we’ve paved the way for a future where the resources and funds we put into CMAS testing are instead used for more educators in our schools, more mental health resources, and better classroom environments where our students can thrive.

If you have not already signed up, the best way to stay engaged throughout the rest of this legislative session is by texting CEA to 698-66.

It’s clear that when we come together as educators, parents, and champions of public education, we win for our students, educators, and our public schools, and we ensure that each and every Colorado school is a place of exceptional learning.