CDE Seeking Public Comment!

CDE is seeking public comment on preschool assessments, please take the time and review the changes. Your feedback is so important!


Updated Selection Criteria for Results Matter/Preschool Assessments

A revised rubric for adopting assessments for the Results Matter preschool assessment menu is available (PDF).

CDE invites public comment via Google Forms until Friday, Aug. 23.

All preschoolers eligible for state-funded preschool (Colorado Preschool Program and Preschool Special Education) must be assessed using a Results Matter approved assessment tool. This new rubric applies to Results Matter assessment tools only. It does not apply to kindergarten school readiness assessments, which are subject to different laws and policies.

For more information, visit the Results Matter Resources webpage.

For More Information, Contact: 
Nicholas Ortiz
P-3 Office
Phone: 303-866-3368