Administration in Jeffco

Correcting misinformation #794… Due to recent news, lots of people seem to think that all school districts have too much administration. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Due to Colorado’s pathetic education funding, we have fewer administrators than other states. In Jeffco in particular, our administrators do double duty due to the lack of staff and funding.

Sept 2018 data from the Colorado Department of Education shows Jeffco spends less on admin than any large neighboring districts:

  • Boulder Valley – $132 per student
  • Cherry Creek – $89 per student
  • Denver Public Schools – $84 per student
  • Douglas County – $71 per student

Jeffco Schools – $61 per student

We’ve been doing more with less for YEARS now! Thanks Jeffco administrators for sticking with us!

PS – make sure you advocate for education funding here: