A Vision Is Nice, But What About The Funding?

A vision is nice. It’s good. But let’s be frank, it’s all just lip service if you don’t address the funding. We were truly disappointed Donna Lynne didn’t even suggest there’s an issue with the lack of funds for our public schools across the state.


She mentions “tough policy and budget choices”, and that “Colorado’s economy is frequently ranked the best in the nation”; yet she fails to address the elephant in the room – the lack of funding for our public schools. An issue since the Great Recession, in the 2017-18 school year, Colorado public schools were underfunded by nearly $830 million.

She goes on to talk about “what Coloradans want in their education system.”

How about adequate and equitable funding for all our students and schools?

“The blueprint will be the starting point of a multi-year process to make Colorado’s education system the envy of the nation and the world…education system that provides every student with hope for their future and the tools to get there.”

Well, to have an education system that is “the envy of the nation” we probably need to spend enough per pupil so that we at least make the national average.

Right now, Colorado needs to spend between $2000 and $2800 more per pupil to do that. The tools she speaks of cost money. Our goal should be to at least reach a point where we can pay our teachers a salary that allows them to own a home in the same district they teach in.

A vision is nice. Let’s fund our public schools so we can do more than just talk about a vision. Please join us in supporting Great Schools, Thriving Communities (Amendment 73) http://www.greatschoolsthrivingcommunities.org/