A Marathon With Dr. Glass

Dr. Glass started working in Jeffco on July 3rd. He communicates via his blog. on Twitter, via email, and via newsletters so quickly it’s shocking. He is setting a precedent that would be hard for anyone to match. After a few years of not great communication, it’s a welcome relief and refreshing. People are excited again!

He’s been accused of actually being triplets on social media. So, we thought we’d take a look at a few of the people and places Dr. Glass has visited since he joined and started leading the Jeffco team.

Here we go:

  • Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul
  • Principal Esther Valdez, Rose Stein Elementary
  • Principal Susie Van Scoyk, Alameda Intl Jr./Sr. High
  • Lakewood High School Meet & Greet – “Imagine what a community can do for its children it loves. This is our moment to shine.”
  • Senator Andy Kerr
  • State Board of Education Member CD7 Jane Goff
  • JCAA Board of Directors
  • Arvada West Kiwanis
  • Red Rocks Community College President Michele Haney and Ron Slinger
  • July 10th Community Tour – 8 separate stops & groups (hundreds in one day!)
  • Edgewater Elementary Summer Early Literacy Principal C.J. Cain and students
  • Jeffco Instrumental Music Teachers
  • Golden City Council
  • Mt. Evans Outdoor Lab School
  • Principal Laura Wilson, 3 Creeks K-8
  • Representative Tim Leonard
  • Arvada City Council
  • Representative Brittany Pettersen
  • Principal Dave Singh, Kendrick Lakes Elementary
  • Jeffco Schools Foundation Exec. Dir. Denise Delgado
  • Principal Troy Brickley, Sierra Elementary
  • Arvada Jefferson Kiwanis
  • Senator Rachel Zenzinger
  • Superintendent Kick Off with all Jeffco Administrators and Leadership
  • Red Rocks Community College President Michele Haney and Arapahoe Community College President Diana Doyle
  • Jeffco Economic Development Corporation
  • Colorado Association of School Executives
  • Windy Peak Outdoor Lab
  • Faith Leaders
  • Recent Jeffco graduates
  • Jeffco PTA
  • Financial Oversight Committee
  • Capital Asset Advisory Committee
  • Free Horizon Montessori
  • New Teacher Induction
  • Jeffco Mayors, Council, Managers Meeting
  • Rooney Ranch Elementary
  • Jeffco Republican Men’s Club
  • Fletcher Miller
  • Mountain Area Elementary Training
  • Bergen Elementary
  • Stevens Elementary
  • Jeffco Administrators
  • Westminster Mayor Herb Atchison and City Manager Don Tripp
  • Jefferson County, Jefferson County Public Health, and local government staff
  • Foothills Parks and Recreation
  • Pennington Elementary
  • Columbine High School
  • Fairmount Elementary
  • Welchester Elementary
  • Jefferson Academy
  • Retired Principals Pat Harrison, Ron Castagna, and Frank DeAngelis
  • Edgewater Collective
  • Jeffco Child and Youth Leadership Commission
  • Compass Montessori
  • Shelton Elementary
  • Deane Elementary
  • Patterson International
  • Jeffco Nurse Training
  • Pomona Area educators
  • Jeffco Early Childhood educators
  • Green Mountain area educators
  • Boettcher Scholars teacher recognition event
  • Jeffco Fair
  • Representative Lang Sias
  • Representative Chris Kennedy
  • Standley Lake High School
  • Rose Stein Elementary Ribbon Cutting
  • Vivian Elementary
  • Warren Tech
  • D’Evelyn Jr./Sr. High
  • 3 Creeks K-8 Grand Opening
  • West Woods Elementary Back to School Event
  • Hutchinson Elementary
  • Evergreen High School Welcome Back Breakfast
  • West Jeff Middle School
  • Alameda International Jr./Sr. High staff
  • Carmody Middle School staff
  • Governor’s Ranch Elementary

That was all BEFORE school even started! When our children came back to school on August 17th, he continued his marathon:

  • Rooney Ranch Elementary
  • Leawood Elementary
  • Jefferson Jr./Sr. High
  • Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp
  • Senator Rachel Zenzinger
  • Arvada Chamber of Commerce
  • Senator Tim Neville
  • Front Range Community College President Andy Doral and VP Cathy Pellish
  • Jefferson County Education Association
  • Realtor Guy Nahmiach
  • Arvada Wheat Ridge Service Ambassadors for Youth
  • Golden Schools Foundation
  • Jeffco Business Education Alliance
  • Peggy Halderman with Golden Backpack Program
  • Bryan Goodwin with McRel
  • Warren Tech High School
  • St. Vrain hosted Ed Leader event
  • Jefferson Success Pathway
  • Frank DeAngelis Center with Representative Diana DeGette, Frank DeAngelis, law enforcement, security staff and Board
  • City of Lakewood meeting
  • Jeffco Schools Foundation Board meeting

This is just his first 39 days on the job. Thousands of conversations with individuals in Jeffco. Parents, community members, administrators, teachers, classified staff, legislators, elected officials, community colleges, business leaders, committees, nonprofit leaders, and most important of all, our students.

We know that’s not all. He’s been meeting with his leadership team and other staff members as well. He’s been showing us what effective communication looks like while seeking engagement and feedback. From the smallest detail and questions asked on Twitter to the big issues that have impacted our district, he responds. Personally.

Board Member Brad Rupert shared this the other day –

Quality leadership matters in any organization, public, private or non-profit. The effective leader has a clear vision of what excellence means in their industry or profession. They have the ability to effectively communicate that vision and the knowledge, education, experience and ability to chart a course to that result. The effective leader attracts, inspires and guides the people in the organization to reach for excellence at every level and they have the management experience to coach or replace those who are not on board. This combination of personality, skills, talents and abilities is not common in any industry or profession, but when they come together great things can happen.

I believe Jefferson County Public Schools has that leader in Dr. Jason Glass. Dr. Glass has an international perspective of what excellence in education looks like and how to achieve it. He has already demonstrated his ability and commitment to communicate with stakeholders, both within and outside of Jeffco Schools. I have heard from people who have worked for him that Dr. Glass is an inspired leader and we are fortunate to have him. While Dr. Glass is taking the time to become familiar with our organization and get to know our people, I am confident he will have everyone rowing in the same direction very soon. I will work to ensure success for Dr. Glass, Jeffco Schools, and most importantly our 86,000 children.

Please support excellence for Jeffco Schools.

We couldn’t agree more, “Leadership Matters!”

Thank you, Dr. Glass!