A Huge Thanks to Jeffco Security Team

Anytime we have a threat to a school, it is completely natural for parents (and students and staff) to be concerned and scared. Unfortunately, that is the society we live in. The first time your kindergartener practices a lockdown drill is disheartening for every parent but it’s a necessity. Thankfully, we have the best, known as the gold standard, in our security team in Jeffco!

While we agree communications can be improved, we do have extreme faith in Dr. Glass and team to make those changes. The most important thing is that our children are safe.

Thanks to our safety and security department and our law enforcement partners who took the steps necessary, working overnight to search buildings, to ensure that our children continue to be safe. Thanks also to Dr. Glass for personally responding to every concern, comment, and even the rumors! Your response was sincere, honest, and heartfelt.


We are one Jeffco and it never hurts to say “thank you!”

If you feel really inspired, the rumor is that the district safety and security team really like cookies.

Following is the message from Dr. Glass that was relayed yesterday afternoon following the investigation as well as a resource:

Dear Jeffco Families,

I am writing to follow-up with you on the anonymous bomb threat we received yesterday evening and our plans going forward.

First, I am pleased to inform you that law enforcement has informed us they consider this issue a hoax and no real threat is apparent. While we have had some copycat claims from schools and some understandably anxious students and parents, our students were safe today and schools operated normally with some additional safety precautions.

Second, I am deeply sorry that our community experienced this today. In addition to being Superintendent, I am also a Jeffco parent and our daughter was in Kindergarten today. I understand and feel deeply the anxiety and concern that all of you did as we confronted this potential threat.

We are planning for an on-time and normal start for tomorrow. Out of an abundance of caution, we are asking our building leaders to make additional safety walks and door checks today and our enhanced security and law enforcement alertness will continue tomorrow. Based on the available evidence and information from law enforcement, I believe our schools are safe and they will be open for learning tomorrow.

I know some of you may have questions from your kids tonight about today and what it means. To support those conversations, our counseling staff have prepared some guidance for parents on talking about this issue with students. The notes are attached to this message for your review and use.

If anything develops regarding this incident that I am able to disclose, I will share that information. We will continue to work with law enforcement to find the person responsible.

In closing, as we head home tonight, Jeffco’s children are safe – and that is what matters most. Through these difficult past few hours, I am grateful for the support of Jeffco law enforcement, the vigilance and bravery of our staff, the patience and understanding of our parents, and the resilience of our students.

Please, hug your kids close tonight – and let’s get ready for learning tomorrow.

Kind regards,

Jason E. Glass, Ed. D.
Superintendent & Chief Learner

Suggestions on how to talk to your student about school threats.pdf