You or Your Child Could Be Next!

Ken Witt and John Newkirk have betrayed their position of influence and power to single out and emotionally injure a child. You or your child could be next.


We are asking that you join us TODAY and write:

Jeffco Board of Ed  –

Superintendent Dan McMinimee –

District Chief Legal Counsel Craig Hess –


What happened now?  Willful disparagement and attempted intimidation of a 17-year-old student.  Cyberstalking, bullying, possible violation of FERPA, violation of district policies, lies and multiple attempts to disparage individuals who speak out against the board’s actions… 

If an adult trolled your minor daughter’s social media sites and used her name and image in a public meeting to bully and intimidate her, how would you react?


SJK is being inundated with letters from very upset parents following the May 7th Board of Education Meeting.  Sharing a few excerpts here:

When you stalk a young girl online and contribute to her public attack, I can’t stand by idly and watch. When you attack one child, you attack the child of every single mother. All mothers will protect their children, and the rage of incensed momma bears all over Jeffco will bind together to protect this victimized child.

Your emails to me in the past show many instances of how you believe others are out to get you and the board. Please stop your efforts of delusional paranoia. Stop working to destroy education and funnel your energies into helping create a better world for the children in our public schools.

You duplicitously misrepresented yourself to Jeffco and our mountain community as a man of substance. No real man would work with calculated precision to harm a child, only a vapid cad. You are not a man of integrity. You have betrayed your position of influence and power to single out and emotionally injure a child. You have wronged both the child and our community.

You must make reparations by publicly taking responsibility for your treasonous actions. You can facilitate healing by providing a sincere apology to the child and family you worked to wound. Ask the family how you can make amends. You must apologize to Jefferson County and the mountain area you have misrepresented. Censure yourself on the board.

You have deeply wounded a community by your incorrigible behavior.

A screenshot provided by you is placed overhead singling out a Jeffco student and her contribution to a social media post. [The student favorited a tweet from a parody account.]  Mr. Witt, who points out the child by name in a public forum skews the intention of the child’s contribution and slanders her by suggesting she is racist. Providing a ready-to-use screenshot to Ms. Neal prior to the board meeting shows your premeditated and cruel intent to publicly bully and intimidate a minor child.

 In collusion with Mr. Witt, you sat and watched. You, Dan McMinimee and Craig Hess failed in your legal obligation to heel Mr. Witt or defend the underage schoolgirl as he violated several policies and laws, including: JBB (harassment of students) and JBC (prevention of bullying), slander, and victimization of a minor by a person of influence.

Prior to the May 7 school board meeting, Board Secretary John Newkirk and Board President Ken Witt apparently stalked a minor’s social media account then they publicly attacked her with the intent to bully, harass and intimidate her.  Two of Jeffco’s elected school officials publicly attacked a student with the intent to harm her reputation. That is not OK.

The actions of Ken Witt violate Jeffco School Bullying Policy:

Bullying is defined as “any written or verbal expression, or physical or electronic act or gesture, or a pattern thereof, that is intended to coerce, intimidate, or cause any physical, mental or emotional harm to any student.”

John Newkirk trolled a student’s social media to find an innocuous comment to a Twitter account. He provided screenshots to Ken Witt who publicly posted the students’ name, picture, twitter handle and comment on an overhead screen during a Jeffco Public School Board Meeting. He then went on to take the comment out of context and slander the child as racist in front of a public school board meeting.

If a teacher behaved this way, they would be fired. Why is Ken Witt not held to the same standards?

Dear Mr. Witt:

At the Board Meeting on May 7th, you verbally abused a JEFFCO student who has been part of a student group voicing a variety of concerns about the direction of JEFFCO Public Schools.  Not only did you publicly make a serious and absurd allegation, you showed her picture and named her which is clearly a violation of Board policy and FERPA law.  You are an adult in a position of power and what you did is reprehensible.  You clearly showed your disdain for this student and ultimately, anyone who may disagree with you. Are you now going to do the same for anyone who voices opposition?

As a parent of 2 JEFFCO students, I’m concerned that you may target my children in the future because I have expressed different opinions. I informed my children today that should you attend a meeting or event at their school, they should inform the teacher that they need to be excused immediately.

I ask you to do the right thing and resign from your position as President of the School Board.



What was the girl’s egregious crime that would provoke such an immature use of Ken Witt’s power? She is part of a student group that speaks out against the school board majority. Earlier in the evening, Ken Witt refused to allow her to speak as part of the student group during the time they had signed up for during public comment.


As a community, we must stand together and tell the board majority that this is not acceptable treatment of our students, our teachers, the board minority members, or our community. The Jeffco community is hemorrhaging as a result of the actions of the horrendous board majority members. The bullying, harassment and intimidation have to stop.  


You can see the video here:


Superintendent Dan McMinimee and Chief Counsel for the District Craig Hess were in attendance and said – NOT ONE WORD! As employees of Jeffco Public Schools, these individuals had an obligation to protect this student. Politics aside, they had a REQUIREMENT to protect the privacy of this student and public disparagement and intimidation.

So, are Jeffco Board of Ed members John Newkirk and Ken Witt trolling students’ social media? Isn’t it ironic that this original tweet has been the subject in right wing blog posts and the Jeffco Communications Chief has even done interviews about it but without ever revealing the actual tweet?


On social media, it’s now being referred to as “burritogate.”  What was the offending tweet that resulted in accusing a child of racial slurs at the public meeting?




Someone got hungry at a board meeting that goes from 5:30pm until the early hours of the morning and tweeted about it. A parody account tweeted about hiring another consultant as waste of taxpayer dollars is the practice these days in our district. Is eating a burrito now racist?  Is liking them grounds for accusations of racial epithets? Wow! Quite the stretch of the Board Majority and Communication Chief’s imaginations.


What happened is a CLEAR violation of policy!  Is it cyberharassment?  What about a violation of FERPA?  It certainly did NOT protect the privacy of a student when they had her personal twitter address, name and picture displayed on the big screen during a public board meeting! 


The Board Majority has committed many wrongs in the past year and a half, but this crosses the line!  We hope you agree, and will join us in informing our community who aren’t tuned into the happenings of our school district (that 70-75% demographic who no longer have kids in school).   The greatest impact you can have is in a conversation with another community member.   Join us as we work to inform and educate the community about this on-going travesty.


We are asking that you join us TODAY and write to these individuals about this travesty:


Jeffco Board of Ed  –

Superintendent Dan McMinimee –

District Chief Legal Counsel Craig Hess –




Copy the media with your correspondence!    We have seen nothing from the media covering this disgraceful travesty.   Hearing from you and seeing your outrage will raise their awareness.

Media Contact information

Gabrielle Porter at Canyon Courier

Eric Gorski – Denver Post

TaRonda Thomas at NBC 9
Yesenia Robles Denver Post


Glenn Wallace, Managing Editor (Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster, Westsider, Wheat Ridge)

Crystal Anderson

Melanie Asmar – Westword –



Here’s the transcript of that conversation from the May 7th Board Meeting:

Fellman: So what I’m kinda thinking is that maybe on June 18th, we only have one item for our study session, that we put a conversation with Jeffco Students for Change and we really experience the voices, the ways that students can interact with us, that we listen to kids.

Witt: Ms. Fellman, are you aware that the leader of Jeffco Students for Change was favoriting on Facebook, on social media, was favoriting racial epithets at district leaders?

Dahlkemper: Can you, um?

Fellman: I’m only looking at the proposal they gave us and asking if we could have a conversation with the kids.

Witt: Helen would you please put up the video?

Neal: You mean what Mr. Newkirk shared with me earlier?

Witt: Yes.

Newkirk: Well I think it brings up…

Witt: Well, I will not have any association with that group.