#Yeson6E for Arvada Fire

Support Jeffco Kids is Proud to Endorse #Yeson6E

“The Arvada Fire Protection District serves a diverse population in Jefferson County.  The District’s boundaries roughly correspond to the boundaries of the city, but we also cover some portions of Wheat Ridge and unincorporated Jefferson County.  According to www.Census.gov, in 2017, the city of Arvada was home to 118,807 people. and is growing at a rate twice the rest of the United States.  21.6% (25,662) of those people are under the age of 18 and 5.7% (6,772) of the total population are under the age of 5.”

“Roughly 23% of the patient encounters between 8/1/2017 and 7/31/2018 were with patients under the age of 18.  Thousands of times per year,(3,121 last year) the Arvada Fire Protection District responds to, cares for and transports children to hospitals all over the metro area to ensure they receive the care they need.  We have specific pediatric protocols as defined by the Denver Metro EMS Medical Directors.  The District has a robust relationship with Childrens Hospital Colorado.  We have access to a double board certified Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics Physician that reads every pediatric patient care record and ensures that the District is providing excellent patient care.  Not only do we read reports to ensure clinical competence, but we also look for a reliable focus on family centered care.”

We have all of these things in place along with cutting edge pediatric specific equipment above and beyond the minimum requirements as dictated by the county ambulance licensing program in order to fulfill the District’s mission in a manner that serves children as well as it serves adults. If the District is unable to fulfill its mission at some point in the future, children will certainly suffer as a result.  This Ballot measure is a big step toward solidifying the District’s ability to fulfill its mission into the future.”

Supporting all kids in Jefferson County Colorado