Yes, you need to use EnrollJeffco!

If you have a student in school currently or will next year, you DO need to use the online enrollment system! But it’s not hard and this is actually going to save several of you time, so let’s walk through it.

In the past, we used Jeffco Connect every single year; we log in, update our information, and confirm attendance for the following year. This helps this district plan staffing for our children.

Even if you have a child in a school and won’t be switching schools next year, you need to do this.

Here’s the step by step info from a parent who has done it!

Start with Jeffco Connect – you probably don’t remember your password and you may not even remember your username to Jeffco Connect. No big deal, go to the website and you can reset.  If you have problems, contact your school secretary. They are the masters of Jeffco Connect and will save your life.

Once you have that user name and password for Jeffco Connect figured out, you’re going to Enroll Jeffco. – Use the same user name and password from Jeffco Connect. If you’re already at the school you’ll attend, just click Enroll Now and the system walks you through VERY easily.

Bonus – you get a confirmation email and/or text letting you know that you were successful so you don’t need to worry that maybe you didn’t do something correctly. You can also save your email so you remember whether you took care of it or not or if you have multiple children and get interrupted, it’ll be easier to pick up where you left off.

For those of you wanting to choice into a school, this system is going to save you so much time. No more driving from school to school to submit your hard copy forms, no more confusion when you get to the school and learn that they’ve designed their own forms and you have to fill out more. No more rumors about having to camp outside of schools in the middle of the night to get your choice of schools. (FYI – this was always a rumor, choice enrollment is a lottery so you had many days to submit your forms and student selection was based on random lottery and NOT first submitted. Yet every year, we’ve witnessed people writing this to others on social media.)

Choice enrollment is STILL a lottery. There is no first to sign up bonus. For Round 1, just log in by midnight on February 8th. Those applying for a choice or preschool will be hearing back from the schools in late February. The timing is dependent upon existing students to complete their enrollment so the school has a count of students.

Here’s another wonderful thing that used to bog down the system: Once a school is selected (you get 5 days to say yes or no), all the other choices a parent may have selected to other schools are removed so this speeds up the process for everyone else in the school lottery. In the past, someone may have submitted forms at 5 schools. Previously, all schools and families were left hanging until people returned calls to tell them they wanted the spot or did not.

There are still special circumstances for some. Special education programs and services, center programs (GT and other), homeless and unaccompanied youth have additional processes and services. Information on all of this is available on the website.

The school information tab on the website is also helpful as is the list of the school interest nights being in one location. Bravo!!! No more visiting multiple school websites to search for information. Visiting a school is the best way to get a feel for the climate and culture and students are welcome to (and should) attend those with their families.

This conversation actually started many years ago during what was the Choice Committee, which we served on. It’s another thing that was derailed when the now recalled board took office and caused our staff exodus.

Bottom line, Enroll Jeffco is a huge upgrade from what the process used to be. Kudos to Jeffco! We’re excited to see you make such positive changes to serve families more thoroughly!