As women, we have been following happenings in politics and talking about it extensively for months.

The overwhelming number of individuals participating in the #WomensMarchDenver (current estimate over 200,000!), demonstrate an historical event of determination, collaboration, and care for what is happening, what has happened, and what may or may not happen.

Here’s an interview we did with the UK’s Sky News before the election in November, click the video window at the top of the article –  http://news.sky.com/story/donald-trump-campaign-in-crisis-ahead-of-second-television-debate-10610822. 

The interview was originally a follow up to what was happening in Jeffco following the enormously successful recall (65% of voters) of 3 school board members and the pulse of female voters in our county.

However, following the interview recording, our current President made some statements about women and how he is able to treat them due to his fame, and though it was dated, it made news in a big way. Not a good way but a YUGE way.

We know what it takes to get people of all thoughts, politics, and walks of life involved and paying attention. It’s no easy task. The march was phenomenal and amazing to watch from the sidelines (though many of our friends were in attendance, neither of us were able to attend due to other obligations.)

We were both watching and if your ears were burning, it was because we were talking about this in the positive!

Because education is an issue that more women than men are involved in, we are always delighted to see advocacy and hope those participating will continue to join us in our efforts. Of course, we welcome men as well. We don’t have to agree on every little issue but we can and should work together collaboratively and have genuine conversations with children, and not political opinions, as the center of every conversation.

Don’t let the march be the end of your involvement! Join us! Our children need you!


We have both worked in the corporate business world and both have daughters. Though our politics are not always the same, we have always agreed on the subjects of education and respect each other’s views. We are both women and find tweets like the one below offensive and disparaging, because we know and have experienced the truth.

As women, we aren’t always fantastic about speaking up when things happen that shouldn’t happen at all. In the workplace and in life, we overlook a lot. There was an article the other day that reflected polling of women vs. men as well as each by party regarding whether or not it was a good time to be female. Women reported things very differently than men did, even by party the difference in the polling was astounding.

Is it a good time to be a woman? Thanks to just the 200,000 plus in Denver alone, it’s a better day today.


We focus on public education as our primary mission because education IS the foundation of our democracy. One of our friends sent us a picture of a great sign from the march – “effective public education empowers every student.”


As women, we stand with all of you.  


Much love to all,
Jonna and Shawna