Will the next surprise impact YOUR kids?

We are providing a copy of the Motions made on Thursday night by Board Member John Newkirk.  Surely you’ve heard about the Surprise Motion!  To make sure that everyone has access to the information that impacts communities and our children, we want to ensure that everyone can read !  Will the next Surprise Motion impact YOUR children?


Here’s the 1st Motion:

In order to best serve the students in the Jefferson articulation area, per staff recommendations I move that the District begin making the necessary changes for Jefferson High School to become a 7 – 12 campus by assigning the 7th and 8th grade program from Wheat Ridge 5-8 to Jefferson High School. 




Here’s the 2nd Motion:

Per staff recommendations, I move that the District assign the 5th and 6th grade program from Wheat Ridge 5-8 to Stevens K-6.



Now here’s the big SURPRISE!  Motion Number 3!

Whereas the community has asked for better utilization of the middle school buildings in the Wheat Ridge area, I move that the District move Everett Middle School into the Wheat Ridge 5-8 building, move Manning Option School into the Everett Middle school building, and move Maple Grove 4th – 6th grade into the Manning building – with no changes to how these students matriculate.



That’s right, folks!  Two Board of Education Members who were voted in and promised more transparency and accountability to the community were ready to take a HUGE leap and make changes to schools without ever discussing the changes with the communities!  While giving no thought to the children that these plans would impact. 

So, you really should be asking yourself, will the next surprise be one that impacts my children negatively? 


Now would be a good time to start speaking up and getting informed.  Visit our Resources Tab above for more information and consider making a donation!