Why it’s important to GOTV

Why it’s important to GOTV (Get Out The Vote) on 3A and 3B.

How many times have you talked to someone who has said, “Oh yeah, I know about that and I’ll vote for it!” but then later learned they didn’t bother to mail-in their ballots at all. It made us stop and think about some of the bad election results that happened in the past (Witt, Newkirk and Williams, to name one) because people didn’t vote.

So we put together this list –

Top List of Flimsy Excuses for Not Voting:

  • I thought I was going to be out of town on November 8
  • I had no blue or black ink pens
  • I didn’t know how much postage would be required
  • I didn’t have any stamps to mail my ballot
  • I didn’t know where to find the ballot drop-off locations
  • I like to wait until Election Day instead of mailing in my ballot, but my car ran out of gas
  • It rained and I didn’t want to get wet
  • I didn’t know where to find the polling locations
  • The line to vote was too long
  • My spouse and I would have just cancelled each other out, so why bother
  • I didn’t like my choices on the top of the ballot, so why bother with the rest of it
  • The ballot was just too long to take the time to read
  • I thought Election Day was November 28
  • I waited too long
  • My grandchild drew pictures all over my ballot
  • I binge watched videos of the presidential debates, got mad and decided I’ll move to Canada instead
  • I was captured by aliens from outer space just as I was getting ready to mail my ballot
  • The dog ate my ballot


Number One Flimsiest Excuse for Not Voting:

I just don’t vote


Some of these excuses, you may find pretty funny, and some, not so much. The list was intended in part to be entertaining, but we also want folks to see how pathetic we can sometimes be about the greatest right, or duty, to exercise the privilege of our citizenship in this magnificent country. A right we have because others have given their lives to protect.

More often than not, our neighbors need to be reminded or gently nudged to vote. You can help by joining us for our GOTV (Get Out The Vote) effort, where we call or walk and knock on doors to remind people to get their ballots in.

Sign up here to walk – http://www.signupgenius.com/index.cfm?go=s.signup&urlid=4090e4babac22a2fe3-canvassing&view=standard&mc_cid=e67053039a&mc_eid=feebdb5273

Sign up here to talk – http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b49ada92ea02-yeson3a3b

Whether you see it as a Privilege, a Duty, or a Right, please make sure you aren’t using any of those excuses because you failed to vote – and please help us make sure others don’t either.


Friends don’t let friends fail to vote. Be a Friend!