Why I’m Proud of My Son’s Act of “Rebellion” and “Civil Disorder”

Why I’m Proud of My Son’s Act of “Rebellion” and “Civil Disorder”
The irony of all this is that by trying to control what students learn, by saying we shouldn’t teach kids to be “little rebels,” Julie Williams’ attempt at censorship has actually created an act of rebellion and civil disorder.
My son, a high school student, came to me Sunday evening and told me he wanted to join the walk out today and asked me to help him make signs.
So, I asked him, “Why do you want to join the walk out?  Do you know what this is all about?” 
He responded, “It’s about censorship and no respect for my teachers from the school board. The school board wants to censor my education, they want to force their way of thinking on my education and that’s not right. They are treating my teachers badly and showing them no respect. My teachers are awesome and they deserve better.”
Out of the mouths of babes, right?  So, I happily helped him make signs and fully support my son’s decision to walk out with his classmates today and protest the actions of the Jeffco Board of Education and I suspect most parents of these high school kids feel the same way.
I’m proud of my child for performing this act of civil disobedience, for being a “little rebel.”  It’s the “little rebels” in our country’s great history who have truly made a difference in social progress, in civil rights, and in moving this country forward.
We should all be extremely proud of these kids for standing up for what they believe is right!