Why I Donate

A Jeffco Teacher wrote us a letter and asked that we share it so others understand why it’s important to make donations to Support Jeffco Kids.  This particular teacher has made a monthly payment since we announced the formation of our organization.  We appreciate her support and advocacy and are so thankful for all of your donations!


I donate monthly to Support Jeffco Kids because I understand that great public schools are not an accident nor can they be taken for granted.  As a third generation Colorado teacher, I know how hard my parents and grandparents worked to build the district that we currently have.  There were many fights and set backs that could have put us on a different path, but through their hard work and the work of many, many other parents, teachers, and concerned community members, I was able to graduate with an exceptional education that I have used to unlock doors throughout my life. 


I want my kids to have the same opportunities.  We are standing on the shoulders of giants.  We owe those who have come before us to continue Jeffco’s traditions of excellence.  Looking around the country, others in places like New Orleans, and Washington D.C., among others, have given up the fight for their public schools and lost them.  I will not give up on my community, my kids, or our schools.  Please join me in donating to SJK.  If not you, who?  If not now, when?  Make a difference before it is too late to for our kids.



Support Jeffco Kids is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization.


Our mission is to educate the Jeffco Community on the importance of supporting public education for ALL kids in Jeffco, inform the community on the current events, and to support a school board that understands the importance of educating ALL kids in Jeffco.

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Donations are very much appreciated!

Mail to:
Support Jeffco Kids
5683 Fig Way
Arvada, CO 80002

***Donations are not tax deductible