Who Does Mrs. Williams Represent?

A Jeffco Mom who doesn’t yet have children in school, would like to share her thoughts with all of us.
At the June 5th Board meeting, during an exchange regarding the importance of listening to community members who have taken the time to sign up for public comment and contact the Board with their needs and concerns, Mrs. Williams said “They community already did speak, at the elections.”
The implications of this statement are concerning, to say the least.
Intentionally or not, Mrs. Williams implied that the only community members whose feedback she values is the less than 20% of registered JeffCo voters who voted for her.
Does she believe that, once elected, an official is no longer obligated to listen to the community?
Does she realize that an elected official represents the entire community, not simply the small fraction of the community that voted for her?
Is she aware that many JeffCo stakeholders with valuable input—students, parents, employees, business owners, and taxpayers—may not be eligible or registered to vote in Jefferson County?
Does she realize that if someone chose not to vote, or chose not the vote for her, they are still valuable citizens worthy of her time, her respect, and her ear?
Does she realize that elected official work for us, the citizens?
Unfortunately, this is not the first time Mrs. Williams has either implied or directly stated that she is only interested in representing a small portion of the JeffCo community.  Not only does this directly violate Board policy, but it is unbecoming of an elected official.  It is our job, as members of this community, to continue to exercise our democratic rights make sure our voices cannot be ignored.